No picture, No sound, No back lights


I have an LG tv that while watching made a quick zap sound and went dark. The on light at the lower right corner comes on when you press the button slowly fashes red to white but there is no picture or sound.

I removed the back and checked for back lights - None.

I did the flash light test and assuming I did it correctly I didn't see anything.

I don't believe the remote is working but I pressed the home and input buttons on the front of the TV in hopes that something would appear on the screen.

Looking at the boards there is no visual sign of a blown capacitor.

I tested the voltage at the connection (see picture ) and my reading were inline with what is written on the board.

Block Image

Startling the lower right and working the way up pins 9 - 11 all read 11.9. You can't read the expected voltage off the board due to a circuit crossing over the numbers.

Here are pictures of the Main board, t-con (I believe that is what it is called).

Model tag, power board.

The connection where I tested the power is outlined in red.

Block Image

On the main board there is button just above the 9 PIN service connector. I am not sure what it does, or is suppose to do. I pressed and the TV rebooted but there was no change in the symptoms.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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We have the same problem. I am having my 16 year old son look at it to see if he can figure it out. If anyone in the mean time actually has the solution, I would love to hear it.

My son did just tell me that there is at least one open capacitor. He is too busy right now to check all of them. I will update when I have more info.


At the bottom of your 2nd picture there are what look like 3 ceramic wire-ended fuses. Have you tested those? I can't read the legend on board next to them but presumably it'd at least give their rating. And there are 3 big electrolytic capacitors down there - I'd be inclined to test those even if they look ok - maybe a fuse blew before they had a chance to swell up visibly.


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