Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Multiple ISSUES READ (No Power, Blank Screen, Start up Sound)

I have a lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 that have issues:

Phone shows red dot and blank screen, no sound, no start up etc.

Phone Blank screen, sounds,etc.

Phone shows battery symbol, won't charge.

Update (03/04/2017)

I appreciate your comment. I would like to ask you about this specific one. The screen on the device was dead or not working properly, so I switched it to a working on and it just shows the battery symbol charging with lightning bolt and never turns off of that screen. Even when you unplug the battery and just connect it, still shows the same thing. I've left it on the charger for about 15 minutes and same outcome. I'm new to Samsung Devices so any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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@stengfix are you saying you have multiple phones with those issues or one phone with all those issues?


A lot of them with those issues 100-150 qty.


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If we are dealing with multiple phones the one with the blank screen but with sound is a bad LCD this guild will help with that

Samsung Galaxy S6 Display Assembly Replacement

and your replacement screen

Galaxy S6 LCD Screen and Digitizer

The one with the red dot may be just a bad connection to the LCD try reseating the contacts. clean both sides of the connection with 90+% IP alcohol and a soft toothbrush . Check for bent pins or missing pins.

The issue of not charging could be either a bad battery or the charge port . to replace the charge port follow this guide

Samsung Galaxy S6 Daughterboard Replacement

and a replacement port

Galaxy S6 Charge Port

or battery

Galaxy S6 Replacement Battery

Hope this helps

Galaxy S6 LCD Screen and Digitizer Image
Galaxy S6 Replacement Battery Image
Galaxy S6 Charge Port Image


Galaxy S6 Charge Port


Samsung Galaxy S6 Display Assembly Image


Samsung Galaxy S6 Display Assembly Replacement

Difficulty: Difficult2 - 3 hours

Samsung Galaxy S6 Daughterboard Image


Samsung Galaxy S6 Daughterboard Replacement

Difficulty: Difficult45 minutes - 2 hours

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Could be all just bad LCDs.

If it boots up with no display then it's probably the LCD as they can just stop working after the phone gets dropped right after.

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@stengfix That is a tall order. I'd suggest that you start off with one or two and ask questions specific to that one. If you want to get trouble shooting advice for all of them at the same time, this may not be the right forum for you. You do want to consider getting a good service manual so that you can do the trouble shooting.

Update (03/04/2017)

@stengfix for the one you changed the display, which is working, but is stuck at the battery charging symbol, I'd suggest a new battery. If a new battery is not working, troubleshoot from there. You have to have a known-good starting point. Otherwise you are chasing your tail and potential go down a rabbit hole. Here is a start for further troubleshooting should it become necessary after changing the battery.

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