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Dark screen, but I can see a dim apple when it's starting.

My MacBook Pro fell down from a considerably high point (about 4 feet). Now, when I turn it on, I can hear all the starting sounds and see a dim apple on the screen, but the screen is 99% dark. If you connect it to another monitor, it works.

I tried replacing the LED driver board and this didn't work.

What else can it be?

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Sounds like

the cable. Check for nicks, & that the connections solid.

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Good luck,


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Thank you for the advice, but that wasn't it. I replaced the LCD screen, and the computer worked fine for about 3 weeks, and then it just stop working. Now there is not even a dim screen. It's just completely black. I took it to a repair shop and they said it was the logic board and couldn't do anything - but I had to pay a diagnose fee. Do you think I can still get my hard drive out and be able to get the files I have in it???


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Sorry I didn't see this before. If you can see the desktop dimly, your inverter or inverter cable are bad. First hook it up to an external monitor and let me know what you get and we can go from there. Also hook it up to another Mac via firewire cable and try to start your machine with the "T" key held down. Your hard drive icon should appear on the other machine.

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Well, at this point I don't even know what else to do. I did hooked my laptop to an external monitor, and you could see everything. Then someone told me the problem was the LCD panel, so I went ahead and bought one (about $230) and replaced it. It worked fine for about 3 weeks, but maybe I did something wrong in the installation because then it completely stop working. Now the screen in completely black, and there are no starting sounds. I took the computer to a repair shop and they had it for about 2 weeks, then I called and they said it was the logic board and charged me $60 for nothing.

Do you think I can get the hard drive out and use it with a different computer. I've spend about $350 and three months trying to fix it and it still doesn't work. It's really depressing. I might need to start saving to get a new computer...


Please stay with one question. If it works with an external monitor your logic board is fine and the tech you sent it to is an idiot. Go get your money back and if he questions why send him here. I still think your original problem was your inverter or inverter cable. Please slow down before you start trashing your Mac. At least you came to the right place this time and no diagnostic fee.


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This answer was originally to another question.

Yes, actually, I replaced the hard drive in my Macbook and can boot from the old hard drive as well, if I choose to. You can get an external enclosure online for less than $20 and put the old hard drive in there. Then, you can either use it for your startup disk, or you can format it and use it as a regular external drive. As for the rest of the computer, you can part it out and recoup some of your money, especially with the screen and the super drive. People would even pay money for the body of the computer without the board.

Good luck!

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