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Logic board causing shutdown if case is "flexed"?

Sometimes when I move my MacBook or lift it by one corner, it will just shut down. I've had the logic board replaced a couple times in the past for similar problems (although those times it just wouldn't start at all). Those repairs we under AppleCare so I don't know exactly what the problem was. Is there some way I can determine myself if I need a new logic board, or if something is just loose? Obviously I could just try all the connectors and make sure they're all seated properly, but I'm wondering if there are any common things to look at. I haven't come up with any keywords that have yielded anything in a Google search.


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If Apple's fixed the same problem two times and it's still doing the same thing, I would get the receipts and take it back in and ask them to fix this lemon under a warranty exception.

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Excellent suggestion +


Thanks. I didn't even consider that :) I'll give it a try, but I'm still curious if others are experiencing similar issues. It seems as though there's something wrong structurally with the case (and perhaps one of the reasons they've switched all to a unibody design, even these polycarbonate MacBooks).


I guess nobody else has seen this. I've got an appointment Monday at the local store. At this point I'm guessing there's a weakness in the case that is ultimately allowing the logic board to either become damaged or loosening an internal connection. Last night it shut down on me while sitting on the counter when I pressed a key somewhere over near the 'a', which leads me to the conclusion of something loose inside (connection or cracked circuit board).


Sorry, but I really can't tell without having the book in hand. You can only do so much over the internet.


Well, it's not a common problem with that line of notebooks it seems. Extra info for when I go into the Apple store on Monday. Thanks.


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While swapping in my original Apple-supplied hard disk, I noticed that the memory cover screws were very loose, and 2 of 3 have lost most/all of their holding power. When I reassembled the case, everything felt more solid and I am unable to reproduce the problem with either hard disk (therefore not the disk). Since the memory cover screws into the top case and the top case is starting to exhibit the cracking problem (again), Apple is replacing it for me. The Genius did admit that the ultimate solution to the problem is the unibody design.

So, for anyone searching the archives, if your MacBook case is feeling a little floppy or loose, try tightening up the screws.

As an aside, apparently I've had this computer repaired ten (!) times. To be fair, at least 3 times were for inevitable problems (bad hard disk, dead pixels and a bad battery).

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