Why is my backlight out?

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with this mid-2010 MacBook Unibody I have just bought off of a guy because he thought it was broken (because the back light was out). If I shine a light through the back the laptop (where the apple is) or on the screen i can see things such as the background, mouse movement, etc. But THERE IS NO BACKLIGHT.

I've looked all over google and youtube for "how to" videos but I'm getting no luck because people are working using/working on the aluminum body MacBook Pro in everything I find.

I don’t know if I should replace the wire connecting to the display, replace the LCD or if i should go straight for the fuse. (if it is the fuse can someone link the guide) I’d appreciate if you could help

Thanks in advance


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montel chiles just like @reecee already mentioned, you will have to give us the exact model number of your logic board it is on the board itself and starts with 820-xxxx followed by four digits. Once we know what board you have we can give you a more detailed answer.


Its a 820-2877-B


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More often than not the backlight fuse needs replacing. Here's the location marked in Green it's the one with a white dot or the letter P:

Block Image

Use a volt meter to check it.

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How do I do this? I have volt meter and have taken Logic board out


Put the meter in to volts and then place the black lead on the logic board hold down screw (common ground) then carefully probe both sides of the fuse you should see voltage on both sides if not the fuse is blown.


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Grab a schematic and board view (will be 820-2877 or 820-2883, check your board for the number). Check the schematic for the section on the backlight, and measure the voltage on both sides. If one side is missing voltage, remove the backlight fuse and check for a short to ground. If no short to ground, replace the fuse.

Could be something else, you need to check the schematic and measure voltages to find out what is wrong. I have never had to replace a screen due to bad backlight (unless there was liquid damage on the screen), check the cable to see if it looks good. Also check the LCD connector for burnt pins.

There is no sure way to know what the problem is, you will have to diagnose it yourself to find out.

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" Check the schematic for the section on the backlight, and measure the voltage on both sides. If one side is missing voltage, "

How do I do this? what tools do I need? I have never had to solder a logic board or check voltage on one. Most I've down was hack and RAM replacement


Multimeter, soldering iron, hot air station, good tweezers, solder, solder flux are the tools you will need. Personally, if you have no experience and are looking to do this as a one off job, take it somewhere to fix it. Use Google to find schematics and board view.


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