Bricked iPod, not recognised by itunes or computer, fixable?

This happened over a year ago and I tried everything I could find on line at the time but couldn't fix it, I only say this as I am a little hazy on the details now since it was a while ago.

As I remember the Ipod was a little temperamental and I decided to do a full wipe and reinstall all my music. I think the format failed and my Ipod got stuck on do not disconnect for ages (over a day) I had to disconnect which left the Ipod in the state it is now. Like I say, I'm not 100% sure this is exactly what happened but it was something like that.

When unconnected the Ipod will only show the apple logo, I can't seem to put it into disk mode or anything like that, a reset just gets me back to the same place. When connected to my PC it shows a white screen with a flashing round symbol with a cross through it and tells me not to disconnect, however neither I tunes nor my PC can see the device, though the PC does make the sound as if a USB device was connected. When unplugged from the usb lead the I pod will change to showing an "ok to disconnect" screen, and the cycle repeats.

I would be interested in a new SSD drive if I knew I wasn't going to be wasting my money but the fact that Itunes doesn't detect my device makes me worry that a new HD won't solve my problems and I would be money wasted.

Thanks for your help.


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