No sound from Soundbar with splitter?

Hey guys looking for a bit of help?

I've just got a new TV it's a Bush TV, I previously had a soundbar which didn't support the optical cable the one that can be found on the back of the PS4 probably the most common form now for sound via external devices. So I was using coaxial but my new TV does not support this type of connection so I ordered a splitter from Amazon and I cannot get it working?

It is all connected correctly all plugged up in the right slots I've tried changing the settings on my TV although nothing has changed. Could this be down to a bad connection or is something I have done incorrect. The images you see from the TV itself are the default settings so if I am in need of changing something please let me know below. The soundbar is also Bush (same make as TV). Any help is majorly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Bit confused you said that you previously had a Sound Bar that didn't support optic only coax and now you have a TV that doesn't have coax so you want a optic to coax converter, is this correct? (What SoundBar connection do you have now, optical or Coax?)

If this is what the setup is, TV optic to SoundBar coax, you have the wrong adapter.

Looking at the 3rd & 4th pictures I assume they show the TV connection, which is Optic OUT.

Looking at the 'splitter' (adapter?) picture it shows a Coax TO optic adapter (Coax IN Optic OUT), when what you need is an Optic TO Coax adapter (Optic IN Coax OUT) such as shown in this link.

They are one way only

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The soundbar I have is Coaxial only which my TV does not support so is what you are suggesting correct?



Yes the adapters are one way only.

You need to convert the audio signal from optic to coax, therefore Optic IN Coax OUT as per the link I attached as an example. The optical is a digital 'light' signal (pulses of light) and the coax is a digital electrical signal (pulses of electrical power levels)

Your adapter is Coax IN Optic OUT.

You are sending the TV optical signal into the output of the adapter, not the input.


Thanks for your help, one last question.

Would this cable work? Or not? I've tried doing research and to be honest I still don't know exactly what 'Toslink' is but two different ends on this cable.


Hi @dylanbrown170


That is an optical cable with two different type of connectors that's all.

What you need to do, as you already have an optical cable and a coax cable that both fit into their respective devices i.e. TV and Sound Bar, is find an Optical In (or Toslink if you prefer) to Coax Out adapter with connections that match your cables end (the ends not already connected to the devices i.e your cables have the 'males' of the connector types therefore the adapter will have the 'females' of the connector types -plugs and sockets

The one in my example for instance says that it has

Optical Digital Input via TOSLINK (cable which you have from TV)

Coaxial Digital Output via RCA socket (your cable from soundbar which I don't know as I can't see if it has RCA male connector but looks a lot like it might have)

Your optical cable appears to be a standard male Toslink to male Toslink cable.

As for your coax cable it could have a standard RCA male plug but as I cannot see what type of connector is obviously I don't know.

Toslink stands for Toshiba Link. It is just an optical transmission system. To the layman optical will suffice as Toslink has become the default standard for most consumer equipment unless otherwise specified. There are other systems and protocols etc being used as things improve


Thanks for your help will have to get a different adapter.


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