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Accidentally spilled tea on my MacBook. Help!


My mom accidentally spilled hot tea (with sugar and milk) on her macbook's keyboard. The tea spilled inside as when I lifted it up and turned it over, tea spilled out from everywhere. I dried the macbook the best I could (been three+ days) and did not turn it on.

My question is what do I do to determine which part has been damaged? Like if the keyboard is fried or the logic board?

What to do? How do I do that?

EDIT1: I opened up the back cover to see tea stains all over. Cleaned it up the best I could. There wasn't any corrosion that I'd seen except for two screws near the battery terminal. Will post a photo of it.

I tried to test for which component was faulty but I didn't find anything conclusive. The keyboard is sticky but it still seems to work.

The only problem I found is that the battery won't charge. If I plug it into AC it works but not without. If I take the charger out of the port, it'll die instantly. What could this be? A defect in the magsafe? Can it be fixed or will I need to get it replaced?

Before clean up:

Block Image

After clean up:

Block Image

Corrosion near the battery:

Block Image

I've found all the (litmus?) dots turned red except for one near where the keyboard is attached. But while cleaning some of them turned white again, I suppose that's just the alcohol.

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First, remove and clean the logic board using 95%+ isopropyl (if there is any visible liquid on the board).

After this has dried, reassemble and try turning it on. If it doesn't boot, try plugging in the charger without the keyboard connected, since this can prevent booting. If it is still not working, try plugging the charger in without anything (except the essentials, fan, charger port, etc) plugged in. If it is still not working, the fault will be with the logic board.

Replacement boards are expensive, so take it to someone to repair if this is the case (or repair it yourself, if you have the equipment).

EDIT: Good it's all working. The issue will be related to the battery if it is only working on charge, and it had corrosion on the battery PCB.

You need to use a large flat tool (painting knife for example), dip it in isopropyl, and slide it under the battery carefully, to loosen it. You will need to remove the board and speakers to get the angle, and do not accidentally cut the trackpad cable or keyboard cable. If you are not confident in being able to do this safely, either live with the issue or send it to a repair company.

Also, be careful not to puncture the battery, bad things will happen D:

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Do I need to remove the batteries too? Or open the back case and clean up the logic board only? Because I couldn't find a good enough tutorial on replacing/tearing apart the keyboard.

(Not an engineer, just helping my mother out. Repair was quoted at $300. Mom thought I should take a shot at it.)


You just need to unplug the components, not remove them. This will help you isolate the issue to the logic board or a component. You access the Mac from the bottom (not by disassembling the keyboard like most laptops), and can find a guide here MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Mid 2014 Logic Board Replacement


You need to follow the guide posted by @reecee to remove the board from the housing/computer, clean it ASAP with 99% IPA & a soft tooth brush. There are no shortcuts if you wish to have a fighting chance. Sugar is highly corrosive. But I would do something opposite, as in start with the bare minimum, then plug in components. Turn off between trials. Always disconnect battery first & reconnect it last as you want to avoid shorting anything.

Start with power cord, fan. If you have led starting green then orange, and eventually a fan spin, disconnect, connect battery, try again. Then keyboard.

Usually keyboard and track pad are hit the most. Sometimes also the battery, if this model has a small board, inspect it. It may be covered with black tape/insulation. Be careful peeling stuff off.

The keyboard is a big pain to remove. You want to do it only if you are sure it is bad.

Finally, IMO $300 is not expensive if they use a pro ultrasonic cleaner to clean the board, k/b is included, and the people are real pros.


check the battery for signs of damage , hot liquids can cause the battery to swell . if the battery itself is leaking or swollen replace it . This guide is helpful

Electronics Water Damage


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