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How is the IMEI and s/n stored?

Okay, so I have a baseband eeprom and NAND from a unlocked, iCloud free board. The baseband and cpu were destroyed. I also have a iCloud locked, not stolen or anything, board that works fine. So, if I transfer the eepromm and NAND to the iCloud locked board, will it get the IMEI from the iCloud free one? Here's what I think happens but I could be totally wrong.

The eeprom programs the bb and CPU from its memory.

The NAND verify a everything is matching.

It restores.

Then you check if it shows in settings and in *#06#

Could be totally wrong, but would it work?

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You should ask @tomchai ...he's probably the best person to answer this properly.


I would just figure it out myself, but I don't want to waste a good donor board or break the NAND or eeprom.


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From what I know the S/N is in the main NAND and there are tools to modify that. However it must match the IMEI on Apple activation server records in order for the phone to be activated.

The baseband is another story. The IMEI is either burned into the BB or encrypted and stored in the BB EEPROM. All content or at least sensitive information in the EEPROM is encrypted with a unique key in the BB. There is no way to alter or even readout the information as plaintext. The BB and BB EEPROM has to be present as a matching set, with BB destroyed there is no way to make it work.

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But, with the BB eeprom, being readable/write able. Can't you use an eeprom reader to change what's on the chip, and make it useable?


The baseband wasn't destroyed, it was lost -_- I lost it on my desk and I couldn't find it but I wil clean my desk and try to find it. What about the CPU?


Update: I found the baseband. I reballed it and it looks good. So what about the CPU? If I use the one that is one there will it work or will I have to solder a brand new one?


CPU from what I know has to be matched with a small chip in the back or you may end up with red screen. It is called "anti-rollback EEPROM" "U0301" in the schematics. Also obviously you need the matching HB to have Touch ID and matching NFC chip to have Apple Pay.

Not sure these device core chips has to be matched with BB subsystem, NAND S/N or not.


@theimedic You actually can read/write to the EEPROM, but what to do with the data? You can't edit or even make sense of the encrypted sections.

Limited recovery on non-critical sections are actually possible. If your device has -1 error and it happens to be baseband EEPROM data error that are not in the critical section, someone in China is able to fix that for you. But if the critical section is damaged or not matching, nobody can help.


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Well.. You wouldn't be "wasting" a board. Because the donor board is Apple ID locked. I've been going through this path myself, and looking for chips that I can transfer to boards that are Apple ID locked. I also think the better method, would be to buy an eeprom reader, remove the nand, reprogram the nand, and get the board out as a new phone, with no data on it at all

[invalid guide link]


I always appreciate and value your insight. When you say the BB can't be interfaces. Is this guy just selling me something?

Block Image

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He is probably just trying to sell you something.


That's what I gotta find out


how has the transferring of chips been going? I bought a iphone 6 and its blacklisted and I was thinking of going a similar route but wanted to talk to somebody whos done it before


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yes is true. you can read and write eeprom even if you know what to do you can change the imei on eeprom

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