Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6: Random boot loops and faulty power button

I dropped my iPhone in water a week ago(What and what not to do after dropping your iPhone in water?). I cleaned it up and noticed no visible signs of damage. The phone is working now, except for two issues.

1. The power button does not work(The flash works so I guess its the faulty button and not the flex cable)

2. Once a while the phone restarts and gets stuck in a boot loop. The only way to exit the boot loop is to plug the phone into power. This happens very randomly but atleast twice a day.

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You probably have a faulty battery and/or a failing charging circuit and/or corrupted firmware.

1/ Back-up your data. Constant boot looping can lead to data corruption and loss. At least until iOS 10.3 is released as it may not be so prone to corruption from this particular issue.

2/ Restore from DFU. It may help, but I suspect your issue is really the battery, so:

3/ If issue comes back, buy a battery from a reputed seller like (I use their batteries almost exclusively). Bad batteries are the rule, not the exception. Don't be surprised if you get one from Amazon or Ebay or some random seller and the issue worsens or remains the same. Alternatively try using a known good battery to see if those will stop. Once you fit the new battery in, repeat step 2.

4/ Know that you are operating a phone that has set one foot in the grave. Keep your data backed-up. Even if you send it for professional cleaning in an ultrasonic and reflowing all corroded parts, it is still at a big risk of failing partially or entirely.

EDIT: the power button not working may be due to a corroded pin or line or even component down the line. No need to replace it as of yet. Overlay a flat cable over the battery and plug it instead of the old one and test. That's one way.

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Thanks. I will try replacing the battery and cable. Holding down the home button for a few seconds also causes the phone to boot loop. Makes me wonder if the boot loop and power button failure are connected.


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Whatta ya mean "cleaned up" did you use 90% isopropyl alcohol? Next best thing to an ultrasonic bath. Well... Either way you slice it, you need a new power button flex cable

iPhone 6 Power Button Cable Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Power Button Cable

Huh, I didn't even know we had this

Detailing Brush

There's a guide to clean water damage here. I can't seem to find it, at the moment. What can I say, cocktails

Detailing Brush Image


Detailing Brush


iPhone 6 Power Button Cable Image

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Yep. Cleaned up with isopropyl alcohol, as per the link provided in the previous post. The power button is something I can live with(assistive touch is pretty useful. But the boot loop is the issue.


See the thing about that, and maybe I misunderstood, is that it's intermittent boot loops? Anyways. If you want it out of boot, you'll need to put it into dfu, and restore to a backup. Which you'll need the power button. I did hear we could use the volume buttons, to enact this, but I'm not sure about that. Lemme look around quick


Yeah, it appears that method is only good for 7/7+. I'm gonna try it on this 6 right now anyways


Ok, finally tried it. Does not work


I am able to get it out of the boot loop by plugging it to power.

The phone boots and functions properly for a while, then it suddenly turn off and the Apple logo starts flashing. This continues until I plug in the lightning cable and the phone boots back again.


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