Plugged 110V Turntable into 220V Socket

I accidentally plugged in the turntable into 220V, only to realize that the adapter is 110V.

I made the mistake of trying to turn it on multiple time whilst it was plugged into the socket, as it wasn't turning on.

Any advice as of what to do?


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image


Block Image

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You will have to open it up and inspect the damage. If unsure of what to look for, check for obvious signs such as burnt out components (even cracked or blown open) especially on the power board (where the power input connects to. If in doubt take close up pictures of the boards where there is evidence of a problem and post back here for more help.

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Hey Jayeff,

Thank you, but I'm not entirely sure how to open it up!

I unscrewed the board, but it seems it is tightly fitted to the case, and there is no leverage to pull it from.

Not sure it would help, but I included a photo of the board just in case.



Not sure as I cannot see it that well (picture is good but my eyes aren't), but to me it appears that the player base seems to go under the two sloping sides (L and R). I'm wondering if they have to be lifted out of the way first.

Can you get a flat lever (paint scraper?) and see if you can pry it gently (stress gently to avoid marking the case etc) up along the top edge (or bottom edge ) near a corner to see if it lifts the side 'covers' at all? If the sides do "lift" then you may have to work out how they're attached. Hopefully they are clipped on and not glued. I'm also assuming that there are no screws underneath the player's case.


Hey Jayeff,

After some struggle, I finally managed to pull the base off!!

There were two panels, one on the bottom of the case, and one on the bottom of the player base. From what I can see, there aren't any obvious burn marks or damaged components.

Please advise further.


Hi @gazelle

Apologies. I might have led you astray. I should have realized when you said that you plugged the 'adapter' into the 220V. I got stuck on the 'plugged' into.

I overlooked the fact the the power supply for the player is DC.

Most probably the adapter has failed and not the player. Hopefully the adapter took the full brunt of the over voltage.

What is the information written on the adapter AC input and DC output?

If you wish to get the player working in a 220-240V AC environment you just need to get an adapter with the appropriate AC in / DC out values. i.e same DC output Voltage and Current as the old adapter, different AC input i.e. 220-240V and also the correct DC plug.

The manual does not give the specifications for the adapter.


Hey Jayeff,

That's great news!! I added the photo of the photo of the adapter's information to the post.

So do I simply need to get an adapter with input 220v?


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