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iPhone 6s+ looks dead but GSM works

My iPhone 6S Plus is dead. When connected to charger, charges continuously at 0.5A. Checked the display connectors and all looks OK. The battery shows a constant 3.6v (not 3.8v).

iTunes recognises the device when connected but can't grant access on the phone because of dead screen.

Long press Power + Home has no response. Volume keys, power button, silence rocker have no response either; no vibration or sound.

However when I call the SIM card on the phone, it rings all the way.. no vibration or ringer on the phone. Not able to pick the call either (maybe digitizer is not working either?)

Even when I send an SMS, it gets delivered instantly (delivery report).

Phone seems to power and register with network. I don't think it's just the display since there is no response from phone.

When I hold it in front of a camera, I see the proximity sensor IR.

What could be the problem? No water damage or physical damage, took good care of it. Stays registered to network even when not plugged in to the charger so the battery is able to hold it on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Figured it out. It was the LCD panel. Replacing it with a new one and the phone works perfectly. Thank you all for the help.


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It could be a defective screen; have you tried a replacement?

Otherwise, it would be related to the backlight circuit on the logic board. There is a ferrite bead (many people say 'fuse') that can blow or it could be the actual driver IC that is causing the problem.

A good micro-soldering repair shop should be able to properly troubleshoot and repair your phone. Micro-soldering is not a DIY repair.

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Haha you beat me to it :P


@gigabit87898 Don't you just hate when that happens... ;>).


Thank you for the response! I am pretty sure something is wrong with the screen or a display IC. I will have to order a replacement screen and give it a go. What concerns me is the missing audio and vibration feedback from the phone. Even with display IC issues, if the phone boots just fine (with blank display), it should ring when someone calls, right? Could there be a reason why that is not happening anymore even though the phone registers on the network?

Thank you


That's a good point. I was focussed on the fact that it seemed to be connected to the network, assuming it worked otherwise. I should have read your question again.

A bad screen or backlight circuit should not cause issues with vibrations/rings...normally. The root cause could be elsewhere but these types of problems are not always easy to troubleshoot, especially over a forum such as this.

Hopefully you will have a mechanism to return your screen, I would hate for you to buy one for nothing.


Phone could just be on silent mode really. You could setup the phone like that in settings.

There were a few times I could not even tell the phone was on only until I plugged it into a computer or ammeter also know as USB battery doctor thing.

0.5A can occur from a bad screen. Only seen it a few times when screen cable got ripped from popped up screen.

I wonder if the low current draw from charger can be caused by the backlight circuit.


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Did you try with a known good screen yet? Repair places will usually hook up a known good screen and say whether or not the logic board is damaged. Was it ever dropped either? Might be something as simple as a LCD cable that got dislocated.

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It was not dropped, was working perfectly fine. I unfortunately dont have access to a repair location or a good screen to try it. My concern though (as I just responded to @refectio is the missing feedback from the phone. Could a broken display cause that?

P.S. I am sorry you were bet to a response but I am very happy you took the efforts to respond :)


@vatsan don't worry about Gigabit, he'll probably beat me on the next one ;>).


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