The right side of earphone haven't sound

I can control the volume,but without sound

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If you cannot hear in the right speaker you may have a fractured wire between the Ring 1 connector of the jack plug and the right ear speaker, a fractured wire between the earth (or ground) connector and the right ear speaker or a faulty right ear speaker.

As the earphones are Apple "friendly" here is an image of the plug connections. The type of plug is known as a TRRS jack plug. Tip - Ring 1- Ring 2 - Sleeve. Obviously named from the tip back to the base.,

Block Image

If you have a DMM (Digital MultiMeter) or access to one (they are available from larger hardware stores for about $10), you can use the Ohmmeter function to prove the continuity of the wiring in the earphones.

If you connect one test lead from the Ohmmeter to the Right speaker connector (Ring 1) on the plug and the other test lead of the Ohmmeter to the ground connector (Ring 2), if the wiring circuit is OK you should get a reading on the meter. If you don't try it between the left speaker connection (Tip) and the Ground connector (Ring 2) and see if you get a reading to prove that the meter is set up correctly.

If you place the meter leads in the positions to test the right speaker (between R1 and R2 on the plug) try gently twisting the speaker cable from side to side where it exits the jack plug and see if you get any indications on the meter. If so it proves that the wire is fractured where it leaves the plug. If nothing happens try the same thing where the cable enters the right earphone assembly.

If you still get no reading on the meter you may have to get drastic and actually cut the cable about 2" from where it leaves the plug, strip back the sheath to the plug to expose the wires and then strip about a 1/4" of the insulation covering the wires from the end of the cut, so that you can identify which wire (by colour) goes to which connector, by using the Ohmmeter to test between the connectors and the exposed wires. Write each connector and associated wire colour down as you will have to reterminate the wires on a new jack plug when you have found where the problem is. There are a lot of You Tube videos showing how to terminate jack plug wiring

If the wires test OK back to the jack plug then strip some of the sheath back off the cut end of the cable, strip the insulation off the wires as before and then knowing which two colours were connected to the R1 and R2 connectors test back to the earphone speaker. If you still get no reading then, unfortunately the problem might still be in the cable or the speaker. You could try opening the earphone to see if the problem is with the connections there. I'm hoping that it doesn't come to this as I cannot find any replacement earphone parts.

Sorry this has been so long but it is the best way to find and solve your problem

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