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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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MacBook Pro battery does't charge

I recently changed the battery of my old macbook pro 2011. I ordered the battery from ifixit, replaced the old one and it seemed to be working fine. I was able to get 6 proper charging cycles.

I didn't use the computer for a couple of days, and the battery died while the computer was in stand-by.

This morning, I tried to turn the computer on by plugging the charger in. At the first attempt, the computer turned on and I was able to boot properly, but the battery icon in the upper right says that the battery isn't charging. I tried to disconnect and reconnect the charger to see if it was not properly connected, and the computer died.

So the charger (85W) seems to be unable to charge the battery. The light indicator on the magsafe remains green. The charger properly charges my other macbook pro, so I doubt it's a charger problem.

Moreover, even if the charger is connected, the computer doesn't have enough power to start the OS (it reaches the apple logo, starts loading up, and then turns off), even when the charger is connected. The hilarious thing is that, if I remove the battery and connect the MagSafe, then the computer boots properly.

Another weird behavior is that if the battery is connected and I connect the magsafe, the computer immediately turns on, even if I didn't press the power on button. That prevents me to try to charge the battery with the computer turned off.

In summary:

- Brand new battery (6 cycles) ordered from ifixit

- The 85W charger does not charge the battery

- The magsafe indicator remains green

- When the battery is connected and the magsafe is connected, the computer turns on and gets to the apple logo, starts loading, but it doesn't have enough power to load the desktop and immediately turns off.

- If I disconnect the battery, the computer turns on regularly when connected to the magsafe.

- When the battery is connected and I connect the magsafe, the macbook immediatly turns on even if I don't press the power on button. This happens even when the lid is closed.

What do you think the problem is? Is it a battery problem? Is there a way to fix this?

I am thinking to return the battery to ifixit and get it replaced..

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I think you should rule out the possibility of having received a defective battery by trying a new one. Contact iFixit, explain, and ask if you are eligible for a replacement.

Or try using your old battery if you still have it, or the battery from your other Mac if they are the same.

If using a different (known good) battery yields the same result, it would be safe to assume at this point that the charging circuit on your Mac's board needs troubleshooting by someone who can do proper mother board repair and knows Macs.

Before investing more in your computer, keep in mind that 2011 15" boards are prone to VGA failure. And Apple just stopped their extended warranty repair program for those boards. Too bad, because when upgraded with an SSD and 16GB RAM they can be pretty decent machines.

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I am in contact with the iFixit customer support, I hope they can help me out to fix the problem. I unluckily don't have the chance to test a different battery, unless I order a cheap battery from Amazon and then return it after the test...


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The battery itself may be OK but the regulator circuit of the battery may be bad. I have run into that issue in the past.

Since you can start the MBP using the Magsafe adapter when the battery is disconnected indicates that the batteryis the source of the problem. Either it's circuitry is shorted out or the connector on the MB is shorted out.

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Try doing a PRAM reset so that the MBP and the battery are on the same page. The old battery settings may still be in the PRAM.

To do a PRAM reset, first shut down the laptop nd keep it connected to the AC adapter. Next, hold down the Command+Option+P+R keys while pressing and holding the power button. Wait until you hear the fanfare 3 times and release all the keys to fully power up.

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