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Burnt out Charging Port – MacBook doesn't run anymore

Hi everyone

I worked on my MacBook yesterday when I heard a "sizzle". Right afterwards the light of my charger turned off and the MacBook didn't run anymore. Now when I look at the charging port of the MacBook I can clearly see that it burnt.

As I needed to study for an exam I took out my SSD in order to study on a PC in the library. But this is no long-term solution...

Does anyone have a clue what happened and how I can solve it? And why did this happen? I assume that if only the Charging Port would have burnt out the Laptop would still be running, would it? As a consequence I fear that there must be more damage..

Thanks for your help & all the best,


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2 Answers

Chosen Solution

You likely have a short somewhere so the charger and/or battery power overheated the connection.

At this point you'll need to replace the MagSafe port and I would strongly recommend you replace the MagSafe charger as well. Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 MagSafe DC-In Board Replacement. As you can see this is not an easy repair. It maybe best to bring your system in to an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center.

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Hi Dan

Thanks for your answer. I will replace the port as you said. Two additional questions:

- is there a possibility to test the magsafe charger in order to see whether it's still safe?

- and if there's been a short - how come that the laptop doesn't work anymore entirely? It should still be able to take energy from the battery, shouldn't it? I fear that I'll replace the charging port while there's still some other defect.

All the best



- Lets start off with a good known MagSafe charger. Often when the systems MagSafe port gets damaged the charger is also damaged. It's not worth the risk

- What does the battery checker on the side of the system show you? I suspect your battery is discharged at this point which is why the battery won't start your system.

As I stated you may have deeper issues here but before we can work on them you need to get the clearly damaged parts replaced.


There was most likely an issue with the ISL6259AHRTZ and/or buck regulator MOSFET, which controls battery charging/discharging and creates a main voltage rail called PPBUS_G3H_REG. Either the ISL or one of the MOSFET transistors failed, and caused the DC-in voltage rail that feeds it to be shorted to ground. This short to ground would have caused a massive current surge to course through the magsafe board, causing the magsafe board to be destroyed as well. So, you will also need logic board repair :(


Hi Sam, thanks for your response. I ordered a new charging port and was planning to change it next week. But your response sounds more as if parts of the logic board would have caused the short. This would be strange as I only recently brought the Macbook to a service centre where they replaced the whole logicboard. Do you think this is an issue of guarantee? If so I wouldn't need to replace the charging port as it would be their responsibility too.


If you just had the system fixed I would run to the shop and get them to fix it under their warranty!


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I have this problem too. Let me know how it worked out for you. I'm really worried because I don't wanna spend money on anything except the charging port and the charger itself .

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