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This LG Android device was released in October of 2015. The model number of the device used to create these guides is LG-VS990.

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Why is my phone stuck on the LG logo? How can I fix it?

I was listening to Pandora and then my phone completely froze, after awhile it turned off.. I tried to turn it back on again and when i turned it on the LG logo came on and now it wont go pass that screen. It stays stuck on that screen.

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im having the same problem have you found out how to solve


i am having thesame problem i was browsing the net when the phone was about to receive call then it froze and then reboots and its stuck on bootlogo i can get into recovery mode and do a factory reset after its done it boots up and reboots randomly help please any solution am using a lg g5 ls992 refurbished


i have downloaded a new firmware from manufacturer lg but phone still reboots randomly even after installing the new firmware

help any solutiong using refuburbished lg g5 ls992


when i try to charge the phone i have replaced battery when i try to charge after powering it off it reboots randomly i thought it was a battery problem j bought a new battery same problem reboots randomly even when i try to recharge am using a lg g5 ls992 refurbished help please


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this could be a combination of many things. what i would suggest you do is try holding the powerbutton down for 30 seconds to turn on and off. also try taking the battery out for a minute and put it back in and turn it on and see if that helps. I hope that this helps you to fix your phone.

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Thank you. I tried it but once its on that LG logo screen it doesn't even want to turn off. I left the battery out for 2 days and nothing. I also tried to reset the entire phone but it just wouldn't move from that screen.


I have the same issue. It's a known LG g4 device issue.


Leave your battery in and the phone turned on till it TOTALLY runs the battery doelwn and goes dead. Then wait 3for 4 hours and plug in the charger but DO NOT turn the phone back on till its fully charged. What your experiencing is similar to a SOFT bricking which occurs when a phone is attempted to be rooted or in apple iPhones case, "jailbroken".

Follow this procedure and it should reset it or if it doesnt, you may need to plug your android phone into a windows based computer, lohg on to the phone manufacturers website and download a new operating system!!!!


Same problem with my LG10 I had it to a Verizon store today and they said the phone needs replaced. I still have 4 more payments to complete the contract. I was advised that LG would pick up the monies due if I purchased another LG phone. I told the sales rep I’d have to be dumber than a bag of rocks to get another LG. I have been a Verizon customer since the days of the bag phones and brick phones but tomorrow I’m off to the Sprint store.

Richard Holloway



My own just keep showing the alleh logo over and over again


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Same problem. Starts up, goes to lg logo and pretty tune and stays there. Power button, volume button now are also. unresponsive. I sent my phone in under warrenty to LG to fix other isdues with display I was having along with random bootlooping that I could power volume key my way out of.

But they sent back like this. Argueably worse since it can only go to logo and then just stay there, wuickly overheat. All I can do is remove battery.

I called to complain. I sent it in again after a week or so waiting for them to get bsck to me to resend. Another week or so, they send back still fkd. I call again. Delay another week responding. This time they say someone from high up will call. 2 weeks later still no call. So I call again. Another week for similar reply by phone but not higher up guy. By this time my warrenty was over by 2 days. I insist to speak to at least supervisor. Put on hold. Comes back and asks when I purchased phone. I tell him. Puts me on hold. Then says a supervisor will speak to you.

Supervisor says, its past warrenty. Itll cost $$$$ to repair or you can buy a new one.!!! I remi d him this issue is same ticket over 2 months ago while under watrenty and not resolved. Infact worse cuz stuck on logo svreen, overheating and unresponsive after first attempt by LG to fix.

He said he was extending me a courtesy of 90 days after warrenty whete for $$$ they would fix phone. But regular warrenty was free to fix but thats over.

I had similar issue with lgg4 but my carrier stepped in and replaced with lgg5 when LG similarly screwed me over 4 months in to a 2 year contract… siting that although i sent phone in for main screen touch display and overheating causing camera outer lens to evaporate? i was told since i had a crack in my camera lens the phone was breached and all warrenty now void. Camera cover glass exploded outwards into thousands of tiny dust particles one night while on night stand. It was always hotttt around that area. The camera and its internal main lens itself was fine. But they said i had broken it. If i had hit it with a small object like i guess a pen tip? How did the glass camera lens beneath it a few millimetres not have a scratch on it? Why was edges of crystalized glass dust stuck outwards and none inwards from the force that blew it out?

So when lgg5 similarly went down, i was sure since i kept it in mint condition they wouldnt fk me over again. But i was wrong. Im out the cost of lgg5 and 4 months of lgg4 payments since my carrier gave me new contract for lgg5…that ine i had to pay out to get new contract and phone to replace lgg5. I still have both phines. They still have same issues.

I bought Samsung. Ill never never buy LG anything again.

By the way. Why did carrier help me? Im disabled. I look fine but get intermittent paralysis of my lower body. Im old. Im poor. I was told I couldnt get medi alert since cell phones had apps for contact. I fell and rolled off into soft shoulder, into ditch. I was there i know over 3 hours before some feeling and strength came back to my legs. No one heard me cry for help. No one saw me either beside a busy roadway.

My carrier felt bad i got my first cell phone to essentially always be able to call for help and it couldnt with its issues. They were appauled at the reason why warrenty denied because clealy camera was an internal heat stress problem flexing outter glass like a balloon before it finally popped outward shattering into dust on nite stand.

But after i accepted it was just a bad luck with that phone and a particular jerk at LG. i accepted the lgg5, then a second 3 weeks later when its screen glitched luckily infrint of phone store clerk who traded it our for yet another lgg5 cell phone. This one had issues but was okish until 6 months nearing end of warrenty. I describe the last 2 months with LG support and repair that would only talk to me aftwr they deliberately let the days whine down on my warrenty, only speaking to me someone with replacement or refund authority…when they knew my warrenty expired despite an open ticket still on unrepaired item…one they attempted? to repair and made worse

They robbed me. They lied to me. They put my life at risk. The whole point of the cell phone was mainly as a call alert.

I really dislike that company and their failing ethics when they would lie and steal money from an impoverished old woman with disabilities. And Yes, they knew.

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