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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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water damage, phone is bootlooping but can get to recovery mode. fix?

put phone through laundry for 15 minutes in sleep mode.

dried it out in rice, got pentalobe screwdriver the next day, opened it up,

....skip ahead, put logic board in sonic bath of 99 or 100% alcohol for awhile. (i dont have a hot air rework station to open up the logic board metal shields)

before I was getting weird colored lines on the display. after the logic board sonic bath and opening the display to dry out/clean with alcohol, it at least showed an apple logo, and i could get it to itunes recovery mode, but when I unplug it from a wall and plug it into a computer, it shuts off completely.

took out the battery, same issue

bought a replacement battery.

installed it. still having that same issue. Apple logo keeps repeating when plugged into a wall. I can put it into iTunes recovery mode, but when i unplug it from the wall and try it on a laptop, (laptop is plugged in) it shuts off.

phone doesn't show apple logo or light up at all when plugged into laptop.

thoughts? is this a charge port issue? what else can i try?

do i need to open up the logic board shields?

thanks! I have a month of photos i'd like to salvage. but i'd be fine if i could factory reset it too.

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If you really care about the photos on your phone, then send it to a professional asap. Water damaged phones degrade quickly over time. Luckily, you only left it in rice for one day and you put it in IPA.

The water is inside the phone, on the logic board and under the shields, even under the IC's. The rice is nowhere near where the water is. So while it may soak up some water vapour, the real problem is the corrosion that is taking place as the water evaporates. Powering on the phone accelerates the process. The longer you let a phone sit in rice, the more time you are giving corrosion to damage your logic board. The saltier or harder the water is, the more damage will occur.

A professional shop will remove the shields, immerse the board in Branson EC solution inside a sweep frequency ultrasonic bath and then troubleshoot the problem.

Now if you want to try things yourself, then a new battery, charge port and screen may solve your problem. Realistically though, the problem is with the logic board and time is not on your side here.

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appreciate the response but it doesnt seem like you read my question... maybe you saw the word rice and you immediately got frustrated and pasted that from something else?

my screen seems fine but i can only see the itunes recovery mode screen. it only lights up with the apple logo (bootlooping) when plugged into a wall. when i unplug it, everything shuts off.

usb outlet on laptops isn't giving enough power to even show the apple logo.


Just wanted to say rice does not help at all with phones it's the same as leaving the phone on the table.

The inside would of been as wet with or without it (Rice can never dry out the internals of anything).


I understand Ben. I first tried rice, but later read about how useless that is.


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Your firmware is probably corrupted and will require a DFU restore to fix. Upon which all your data will be lost and possibly the restore will fail and throw an error.

If you're lucky, the restore will be successful, and you'll get a partially or completely working phone but waiting to fail any moment if liquid damage is not addressed properly as in shields removed, scrubbing with IPA or even better cleaning with 180C and organic flux and displacing with acetone or best: pro ultrasonic cleaning.

Force DFU mode while connected to iTunes to confirm: what do you see on your computer screen?

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thanks for the response. i have put it under pro ultrasonic cleaning except with the shields on. would the shields prevent 99% alcohol from cleaning it that much?

the phone is only showing an apple logo and can get to itunes recovery mode when plugged into the wall. but when i unplug it, it turns black.

when plugged into a computer nothing lights up... does this suggest that the new battery is not enough to power the phone?


Cleaning after liquid damage with shields installed is not a thing; it is like brushing your front teeth and hoping nothing in the back decays and rots. Even if they get soaked in toothpaste and foam, your teeth are not clean.

Pro ultrasonic cleaning means cleaning with a sweep ultrasonic (not a jewelry cleaner) and a proper surfactant dissolved in warm distilled water, and finishing with a solvent such as IPA to displace the water, then drying.

Do not use alcohol or anything flammable in an ultrasonic cleaning. It is a very bad accident waiting to happen. I've *seen* people maimed when they mixed resistance heating with solvents.


If you value your data at least in the future (this one may be toast), I suggest buying a good quality battery from a reputed seller such as iFixit. 90% of batteries on the market are bad. Quality batteries like those sold by iFixit are the exception, not the general rule. Don't be surprised if you use different batteries supposedly new and still get errors. Save yourself some headache and get the good stuff.

Once the new battery is installed, connect to your computer, start iTunes, then force DFU (google how that is done). If successful, you should see a prompt saying a phone in restore mode is detected AND nothing on the screen.

If you think your battery is ok, connect to iTunes and tell me what you get. You may be able to update and fix the data, though I feel you will need a DFU restore.

If that fails, you could have so many things wrong from liquid damage that I cannot start to enumerate them here. Too many variables..


thanks for your help. Can the shields be removed with a soldering iron (vs hot air)?

what do you think is most likely if a new battery isn't doing the trick? charge port? or logic board issue?


You cannot practically remove shields using an iron. You can with hot air, but I've seen at least two iPhone 6 boards last month with shorts under the CPU caused by someone not experienced enough trying to remove the shield. So this is a delicate operation to say the least.

Your phone spent a good amount of time in water so water may have had time to corrode something inside the battery board and/or inside the charging port and a good practice is to test with all known good parts. It is common for a shop to have them in stock. If you are going to buy them to test, your cost is going to go up very quick, and you'd be investing in a potentially doomed phone. If you cheap out and buy cheap parts, you will be adding variables.

As for what could be wrong, bootlooping points first to a bad battery or a corrupted firmware.


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could be a charge port issue, could be something more. have you checked the voltage on the new battery and the old one?

Update (01/30/2017)

put the multimeter to voltage mode and just touch what you think is positive and negative, won't matter if it's reversed. it should be at least 3.5V

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what should the voltage or amperage be? i do have a multimeter. what settings should i set the multimeter to for iphone batteries? also where are the + and - terminals?

the old one is corroded so i dont think itd work but i never checked with a meter


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My daughter dropped hers into water briefly and recovered it. It went into rice as mentioned for 48 hours, plugged in and apple logo appears, disappears, appears….. Opened it up to inspect and used cool air hairdryer for a few minutes. No sign of any obvious moisture. Put it into DFU mode linked to iTunes, seemed to be proceeding fine, went through process of firmware extraction but then same Apple logo problem with iTunes saying ‘waiting for iPhone’.

That is where we are currently, anyone any thoughts?

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