The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Did it die? Or does anyone have some input.

Ok so I had an accident with my girlfriends Air.

1 liter of coke accident actually.

replaced the keyboard, battery and fan.

Retrieved the data from the ssd.

And cleaned everything thoroughly with Isopropyl alcohol.

However now the damned thing wont start.

When I plug it in and start it up I get the startup tone. and then this screen.

Loading bar goes roughly 1/4 of the way then the machine shuts down.

So how much in the $@$* am I?

New logicboard in the $@$* or any ideas.

I'm not a mac user so I know virtually nothing of how to use and operate them so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok so it refuses to go in to safe start. Same problem as previously and same screen.

When i attempt recovery I get in the recovery mode nicely it reads the harddrive but can't find a timemachine file.

when I try to reinstall the OS i get this screen.


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1 liter?

Sounds like you need to replace the machine for your girlfriend. There's no way to know what all may have shorted out. This may be covered by your home owners or tenant owners insurance policy.

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Jupp. The machine was turned off and I have cleaned allot of electronic equipment before. Light tec so beer and coke in mixers have been done before.

Nothing that looks corroded and tore the thing down the second it happen.

But yea I know it looks bad.


Try using an external keyboard and mouse. I take it that you do have an external Time machine backup. Do you have another Mac that you can set it up in Target Mode?


nothing wrong with the keyboard or mouse. My gf's machine and no time machine backup though. See comment on OP

Not a mac user my self so no other mac but that can be fixed.

Target Mode?


To segregate the SSD card and work on it, for either data retrieval or to insure a complete system installation two methods.

A. Pull card and put it in a OWC Envoy enclosure

B, Target mode with anther Mac:


thank you very much. Friend of mine whom have been using macs for some years will help me out with target mode.

Already pulled the card and retrieved the data from it, so that part is solved.

Goal now is to try and fix this machine.


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coke and many drinks contain phosphoric acid as an ingredient to give it some zip and zest. that acid is quite a nasty corrosive and must be fully 'washed/diluted' off any electrical components. as strange as it may seem, after having a similar incident with a windows laptop, i was able to shake most of the soda away, pat the unit with an absorbent towel and then proceed with a hard drive removal, cd unit removal, keyboard removal and all the usual 'removeable' parts. then separated the lid with the lcd (no soda there!) once done, i submerged the remaining case and mother boards in a sink with fresh clean distilled water to get the remaining soda out. a good shake off, a warm hair dryer and a day or two in the sun left it all quite nice and non sticky. the keyboard was another issue, it was worn so i replaced that, too much soda got under too many keys and into the silicone switch areas.

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@hapticz I changed this from a comment to an answer because it deserved an up vote


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