Central locking wont work on key only boot button works. .


My 05 vectra key fob stopped locking and unlocking my doors a few weeks ago, the boot button works and if i hold lock or unlock the windows will open/close. I had the battery replaced in the key but it made no change. I tried holding the lock button on the fob while the cars on idle this didnt help either. Also I've realised when I manually push down the lock to lock the drivers door it doesnt lock the rest of the car doors, also when I open the driver door by inserting the key this only opens the drivers door and i then have to lean through and pull up each lock. Is there a simple fix for this I can try other than replacing the key?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Might seem a silly question, but does the interior light work when the door is open and turn off when it is closed? If not check the door switch in the drivers door frame (usually in a rubber boot type arrangement). Not 100% sure but I think that the BCM (Body Control Module) uses this switch to sense whether the door is open or not , not only for the light but also for the central locking.

try all the doors, (they each have a switch) one at a time, to see if the light works correctly when the door is open or shut.


Ill check in a minute thank you jayeff ! :)


Hi I seem to have a similar problem with my Toyota Avensis estate. The key remote will lock all the doors but when trying to open with the remote it will only unlock the boot . Also when I use my key in drivers door it will not unlock any of the other doors. Toyota Garage tried to fix it and failed even giving me wild excuses that there could maybe be wifi interferance! Every now and again about once a month I get joy of all the doors opening. Maybe a lunar thing .lol.


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