Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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iPhone dead after replacing battery and dock connector piece

I wanted to replace the battery. During the process i destroyed the connector no.4 so i had to replace the dock connector piece as well.

Now after reassembling everything the phone doesent work. I connected it to my pc, and theres nothing. The pc doesnt recognize anything when i plug the iphone cable. The phones display stays black, even after pressing the power button.

I also kept the phone plugged to the pc, because i heard that a new battery has to be loaded for some time before anything happens. after 1hr of waiting still nothing happens. I'm pretty sure that connector no.4 is plugged in properly (although i hat some problems in the beginning because it was very loose).

So what could be the fault?

Thank you very much!

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I heared that there maybe could be a problem with connector no.1 as the phone doesnt start if its not connected properly. it happens that the ribbon cable pops out of the plug sometimes. I taped it down, but i dont know if this is the best solution. What do you do against loose connectors?


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if ypu plug the phone in is it recognised in itunes? or can you flip the mute switch and the phone vibrates? if this happens then it's a display issue.

check connector 1 is on/not damaged

if nothing happens then you need to check

a) its the right battery-3g and 3gs are different connectors

b) the battery is installed properly, contacts aren't bent or flattened, screws are in properly over battery (2 near don't remove sticker)

c) dock connector 4 is on properly-no bent pins etc

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I put in tho old battery again. I measured the new one, it has 0.05V. I dont't know if thats normal with a brand new battery (i believe it hasn't been loading at all because connector 4 wasn't properly on).

It looks like its working, the PC does recognize the phone, when I flip the mute switch it vibrates.

But the screen is BLACK! No light - plain black. I'll check connector 1 again (....zzzzzz....) .

Before I do that - shouldn't i turn the phone off first? But how, if i don't see anything?!?!?


press and hold power button for about 5-10sec then slide your finger across top of screen.(if you could see screen it would say slide to power off) make sure phone isn't on silent-you may hear click as the phone turns off. then check lcd connections. if all else is ok it may be connector is popping off as you close or you need another lcd! is it the right one? ie not 3gs-they wont fit


Indeed it were the connectors (1&2)! I thought they were in place (although they were a bit loose, they just fitted). The connectors have to SNAP in. If you dont't hear it, you should at least feel it.

Thanks for the answers!


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I have the same problem but im getting no life from it at all after replacing the battery! Ive went over it with a fine tooth comb (so to speak) checking every cable and still nothing!

Before i replaced the battery the phone was in working order just the battery was giving me problems before it edventually died thus why i replaced it. Ive been at the phone for days now trying to figure this out but still there is nothing... It wont connect to itunes cos its dead, wont charge, wont turn on wont nothing.

Id be greatful if anyone could give me abit advice on the matter.

Many thanks

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lisa i'd start your own question.. this is an old question and you're answering it with your own. If you put the old battery back in what happens. If all is as it was before then send the new one back


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