Apple's 2016 revision to their laptop lineup targeted at professional users. Features a 15-inch, 2880-by-1800 Retina display, quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 / 512 GB /1 TB / 2TB storage options, 16 GB RAM, and a keyboard equipped with a Touch Bar. Released November 2016. Features Model A1707.

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Small crack on display bottom bar

Hey guys

The bottom bar of the screen cracked as you can see in the picture.

Block Image

What do you guys think about it?

Should I just try to send the laptop into warranty or can I buy just the bottom part of the screen somewhere?

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Hopefully you got the extended AppleCare. If not give them a call and get signed up ASAP!

Then wait a week and visit he Apple Store. As it should be then covered under the extended warranty program (double check the fine print).

As Reece stated parts are just not available yet as this is such a new system.

Besides, replacing the display assembly will cost you more money than signing up for AppleCare and will take a bit of time to get.

I would strongly recommend you get a good case in the mean time.


Thanks for your replay Dan! The computer is from work and they got applecare on it.

Problem is that the screen cracked because my 3.5mm headphone jack was between my screen and the computer when I closed it. So I guess this does not fall under the AppleCare warranty.

Any advice?


There is two different AppleCare's: The one you get when you buy the system and a second which you buy that extends the coverage.

As the system is so new you still have the standard warranty coverage. That doesn't cover bangs or other minor mistakes. If your company got the extended coverage then your good to go! (again double check the fine print as I haven't seen the latest version of the contract). You might be able to get it done for Free! I would take it in, all they can say is no. But don't give up to easily here, push a little and have a sad face (even a tear running down the face helps) ;-}

Otherwise, it will likely take a good 4 months before parts will be readily available. And then it's a matter of how hard it is to replace the screens cover glass (if it's an independent part) and/or how hard it is to replace.

I'm sure Apple is moving to a fused cover glass like the iMac series, so that would mean the complete LCD panel unit would need to be replaced, Ouch!


Almost the exact same thing happened to me... and it's sad there are no spare parts available anywhere right now.


I have a small crack on the right size of my Late 2016 MacBook Pro display. It is about 1.5" to left from the right side. Just directly above the small crack there is a vertical line. The screen to the right of the line is blank while the rest of the screen works fine for now. I went to Apple Store b/c it is within yr of purchase and they assumed something got caught b/w display and computer when screen was closed and said it was a "pinch point" there. They then told me the problem with crack had nothing to do with the screen going dead directly above crack. Needless to say they wouldn't do anything unless I paid a $700 fee to replace the entire display. Getting tired of Apple's BS.


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Take it to Apple, there are no parts available other than the fans and antennas at the moment. I believe the touch bar is also paired to an IC on the logic board due to the touch ID (similar to iPhones), so if the touch bar is swapped either the fingerprint scanner will not work or possibly the whole touch bar. At this point, no one is sure since there are no parts available to try this.

EDIT: My fault, was half asleep when I read this and assumed you meant touch bar ;)

As @danj says, it will need the whole assembly replaced if you take it to Apple. Alternatively, once the screens cover glass becomes available, this can just be heated, removed and replaced. Exactly the same way it can be done on the 12" Retina, so it might be worth living with it at the moment (12$ part vs $400+)

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@reecee - Don't confuse the poor man ;-}

The screen lid got a bump in the corner. So it will only need a new screen assembly.


@danj my bad, was not concentrating, edited the answer :)


Hi Reece

Thank you for the comment. Can u provide me with a link of the 12'' retina part? I cannot seem to find it!

A 12 dollar replacement would be so nice, even if it is in the future!


I get the 12" screen cover glass from my supplier in China. This won't fit your model, but once the parts are available, I imagine it will cost around the same price.


I would be very glad if you can give a link for screen cover glass for Touchbar 15 Macbook Pro. I cracked my laptop too. (


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If getting a new display becomes difficult, use a clear fingernail polish to fill to crack after blowing it out with canned air. This will help prevent the cracks from spreading.

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go to - They sell a sticker that covers it exactly

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can you link the sticker??


Thank you very much!


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