Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6 battery drain

My 2 year old iPhone 6 (not 6S) loses 10% battery per hour regardless of use. Only way to stop it is to power it off. It use to only drop 3-4% overnight while I slept. Now it won't last overnight without at least 80-85% charge and I wake up with a near dead battery. I hate leaving my phone plugged into a charger so much. Can't be good for the battery's long-term life.

I've recently replaced the battery and restored to vanilla iOS 10 with only slight improvement.

The dramatic change happened several months ago after leaving my phone plugged into my wife's non-apple car charger for a two hour drive out of town. We later realized that this same charger was responsible for destroying her iPhone 6+ battery just a month before (her phone was still under warranty and apple replaced it). I figured replacing my battery would bring back the old usage capacity but it didn't.

I suspect some other component in the power system was damaged by the defective charger. Something between the dock connector and battery.

Looking for suggestions on other replacement parts to try.

Appreciate any help,


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How goes it Nathan. So basically you're looking at one of two causes. Battery or tristar.

Did you replace it with a generic or "oem" battery found online such as Ebay, or a 100% guaranteed original Apple battery? Believe it or not it makes the difference. I always suggest try 2 new batteries just in case the replacement is faulty....happens all the time.

More likely, from your description on using the non Apple charger, is your tristar ic on the motherboard itself has been damaged. This is so very common when using aftermarket chargers with iPhones.

Your Tristar ic (integrated circuit) is basically a small microchip or bga on the motherboard that is in charge of charging the device. This chip also is interacts with the battery itself.

Many generic charging cables don't regulate voltage very well and can send a spike in voltage to the chip. If more voltage goes to the chip than its designed to take....poof goes the chip!

Signs of your Tristar ic being damaged is "fake charging", phone not charging, battery draining very quickly even after replacement, and sometimes even the device not powering on at all.

I would first rule out 1 more battery to just be sure. Then if you can find a local motherboard specialist have them test if the chip is good and if it needs replacing. I'll bet anything that's your problem!

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