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LVDS Cable ends severely corroded.

Hello, I have an LG 32LB9D UA that had gone out, It belongs to my mother, she had taken it in for repairs, roughly $200 and was told the power supply board was replaced. 31 days later I was visiting and there using the TV when the screen went black but had sound, I went ahead and brought it home with me to help her with it being she took it in once. Opened it up, power supply was not changed, 2 caps were replaced, C204 & C205 i believe. when ahead & plugged it in, Red LED is lit on front of TV, Turn it on and it blinks about ten times, back lights come on, that's about it, I'm having trouble locating all of the points that need to be be checked to narrow down where the problem is, the one major thing I saw while taking the cover off the main board was what appeared to be dust debris etc where the cable running from Main to TCON was plugged in on the main board, I unplugged it and took a look, the insulation on about 80% of the wires is missing, cracking off etc so there some touching, some rubbing get the idea, pulled it off the TCON board, it wasn't as bad but was close, what would be the cause of this and how should I proceed with checking out the rest of the system. thank you in advance for your help, also, any diagrams on what/where would be awesome. thanks again.

Cable going from Main Board over to the TCON. LG 32LB9D-UA.AUSLLJM

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Look forward to your response, JH

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Here is a link that may be relevant to your problem. They experienced the same problem as you and had difficulty acquiring a new cable. A further link in the page attributes the problem to heat and age.

They suggest, as no cables can be easily found online, that you may be able to obtain a new (in better condition?) cable by contacting sellers of your model's TCON board and asking if they have a good cable as well. Here is a link to a seller of a used TCON for your model TV whom you may wish to contact.

Is there a part number on the cable? If so try searching online using just the number to see if you can get results for a new cable.

Update (12/31/2016)


Here is a link to a service manual for your TV. Hopefully this manual is also applicable to your particular model. On p.20 it has a flowchart for diagnosing no power and no booting problems which may be of some help to you.

Mind you with the cable "missing" you may not get too far doing the tests as I think that it is a two way cable, not just from the mainboard to the TCON but also from the TCON to the mainboard, if you get my drift.

If it isn't the right manual for your model, then check to see if there are any voltage levels printed on the power board itself and if so see if they are all OK. Be aware when you do this that there is live voltages present on the board. Also try not to "slip" with your Voltmeter test probes and accidentally bridge across components, pins, connectors etc., you do not wish to cause more problems than you already have. Sorry not trying to make you nervous about it just to be careful and take your time.

If you cannot do any tests because of the cable not being present, then perhaps if you haven't already done so you could vacuum out the TV so as to remove all the dust and debris from the inside. Be careful when you do this as you do not want to knock or bump or brush off any components etc. (Use a plastic nozzle -not a metal one) I say this because in damp (very humid) conditions dust can actually conduct electricity. Just a precaution to avoid a possibility that may never happen.

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Thanks jay,

your link is the first posting I have seen regarding the same issue as me, far as cable failure, I ordered one yesterday, part number 6631900133E, which supersedes 6631900133F (this is what was on the cable itself) while I am waiting for the cable to arrive, is there any test/checks that I can do or that you would recommend?


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