exaust gasses coming out of the radiator after replacing the oil pump,

after changing oil pump water pump, timing belt in a voyager van 3.0 i have engin miss, back 2 cylinders are dead and i have exaust gasses coming out of the radiator, pulled the spark plugs and the bacck 2 has water in the cylinder

Update (12/28/2016)

hey thanks L Pfaff for the reply, this is how it went down, my wife broke down on side of interestate, when i went to get her and the van it spun over and had no compression, finally got it started, at idle the oil light was on and valve lash adjusters was clacking, shut it off and checked oil level, it was fine, had a hard time starting it again and drove it home, seamed ok while doing 50 miles a hour, when i came to stop sign it stalled, i am thinking oil pump is going out or oil filter is clogged, got it home, replaced oil pump, water pump, timing belt of course oil and filter, added antifreeze, hard time starting, i figured oil had to get to the lifters before they can open and close the valves, finally got it started, same thing, lifters clacking, after it warmed up oil light on again, i figured because lifters will not prime might be why it wont hold oil presure, i changes the lifters, when i pulled them out they all fell apart, plenty oil on top of head, installed new lifters, hard time starting but after it did start, no lifeters clacking , didnt let it run long enough to see if oil light would come on and engine started missing, pulled plug wires till i founf the rear cylinders not hitting, pulled spark plugs and antifreeze came out of cylinder, figured intake gasket must have slipped while installing the intake, pulled it back down and gaskets were fine, since i didnt see any problem, now mechanic work and engines but not to sure of the chrysler 3.0 engine thats why i came here and posted about exaust gasses coming out of radiator, but thinking about the last 2 cylinders one on each head that even if it did some how run hot it is very unlikely it would be the last 2, one on each head, what ya think ? it does sound like a head problem,

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peart43, it is strange that you are finding coolant in cylinders directly across from each other. You say intake gaskets looked good, so could be intake cracked or head gasket blown filling the cylinder on one side then being also sucked in by opposing side because of excess pushed back into intake.

Also found this info. in 2nd link below, A tube mounts to the back side of the pump and runs down the valley between the cylinders. These tubes tend to corrode from the inside out. Check the tubes for corrosion, and if pitted severely, replace them. What may look like a cracked block leaking in the "V" may actually be just a corroded water tube.




thanks for the links, i said cracked head but from experence i have never saw a crack alumimn head didnt think about that till i read about the engine so about the tubes, if they were that bad you would see anterfreeze leaking from the engine on the ground, now head gasket ? both side by side cylinders having a blown head gasket is hard to think about { figure }, i dont know pal, maybe i will fill the cooling system, take out the spark plus and presureize the system, maybe i can figure something out, you doing a great job with info, if you can think of anything else please let my know


It's just strange it didn't run hot on me coming home. LOL. you awesome man. Thanks


peart43, just curious, did you select MB's answer,as your chosen solution?


No I didn't. I chose yours


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peart43 , Sorry to hear about your vans problem.If you have exhaust gases coming from radiator and rear cylinders with coolant contamination, most likely cause would be a blown/faulty head gasket, cracked head/cylinder, also possible intake gasket or cracked but would be unusual. You may have to have a good technician have a look, diagnose and estimate repair. If vehicle in excellent condition you may want to consider a good used replacement engine from auto recycler that can also do the install and warranty it at considerably less then most garages, if repair estimate way too high. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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After reading all of this, and you having exhaust in radiator. Pulled plugs on those last two cylinders and antifreeze came out. You have 90% chance that the head gasket is blown between those cylinders. What probably happened is that one of them blew the gasket out into a water jacket which weakened the gasket to the other cylinder. Then the other side went as well connecting the cylinders. That is why you are getting antifreeze coming out as well as exhaust in radiator.

To fix this is going to require to pull the cylinder head off that side. Have the head checked to see if it is warped due to overheating (Happens a lot on aluminum heads to iron blocks) then replacing the gasket. If the head did get warped, it can be machined down to level again or maybe get another re-manned one at a machine shop. But all that said, if it didn't overheat then the head is probably ok. With all you've done so far, sounds like you can do this job. Just get a book that shows the torque sequence of the head bolts for putting it back together. Good luck

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