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Weird residual images on black portions of video

Everything else with the Vizio e60-C3 TV seems to be working great except for this one problem.

It's especially noticeable during the credits after a movie where the background is black and the white text scrolls up. What I'm seeing is a residual lighter band that trails from the outermost edge of the lines of text. Not white, just not as black as the background. It remains that way until some other line of text scrolls over top of that section and then the residual looks like the new line of text.

Another example of the same thing is if a scene goes from something bright to a black scene. There will be a residual "ghost" image of the bright part of the previous scene. It doesn't fade over time. The ghost image will stay there indefinitely until some new brighter picture is displayed in that spot.

I don't know if it's the display itself or something to do with data compression? It almost seems like the TV is trying to conserve processor power by not refreshing any pixel it sees as being "pretty close" to what it was before. It's hard to see in this image, but the vertical line above the "h" in "Weidhass" is a streak from some other letter above it. The haziness is only because of how I had to set the camera to pick up the faint line. The text is actually crisp with okay contrast.

Block Image

I've had to set the contrast really low and turn off most, if not all, of the "enhanced" picture features of the tv just to get the "ghost image" problem to the point where it is barely noticeable, but at the sacrifice of have a generally lousy picture overall. I don't feel like resetting everything for a picture to show how bad the problem is when the rest of the settings are where they normally should be. You can see it from across the room.

Anyone have any ideas what the heck is causing this? Or even what this type of issue is called?

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I think that it appears to be some form of "ghosting".

Is it over the entire screen or only a section of it? If over the entire screen then I think that removes the possibility of a Tab problem.

Sorry about all the following questions. Just trying to eliminate possible causes.

Does it happen on all inputs?

Have you tried using a different video source to see if it happens?

Does it happen when displaying the menu screen?

Have you tried adjusting the 11 point white balance to see if this resolves the issue? p.31 of the User guide.

Have you tried "resetting" the TV back to factory defaults? p.46 of the User Guide

download here

Have you checked if there are any firmware updates available for your TVwhich may resolve the issue?


Thanks for the reply. The answers to those questions, in order:

It's on the entire screen

All inputs

All sources

The menu, hard to tell as nothing in the menu really mimics the screen content where the issue is normally really noticeable, i.e. bright white scene transistioning to dark black scene or scrolling white text on a black background.

Although I suppose having a movie or something playing in the background might also make it hard to do the test on the menu. Also I think I have my menu transparency set to like 50% so there would definitely be image bleedthrough.

I'll set it up with a black background image and run through the menus and see if I can duplicate the problem on that and get back to you.

As for the 11 point white balance, I've played with that for hours. That screenshot is the best I could get.

I haven't reset the tv back to the defaults because the defaults make the problem look 100 times worse.


I think what he's saying is it could be a software issue, and resetting to factory could solve this. If not, then it's a hardware issue. And if it happens on all inputs, likely the lcd


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Hi @humanparody,

I do not believe that it is a panel problem. I believe that the problem lies in the mainboard.

As I cannot find a service manual or schematic, obviously there is no way of proving this.

If it were in the panel, the TCON and possibly the power board I think that the problem would manifest itself in other ways as well. Given the price of a replacement mainboard I would be loathe to recommend changing it just to prove a point.

It still might be a software problem but as I cannot find any other information regarding others experiencing the same problem as you, this is probably doubtful. (going on the theory that if enough people complain about this problem, Vizio would do something about it, as a software change is an "easy" fix for them). It would be nice if there was an "update"available for your TV, (you didn't say if you checked for one), just to see if installing new software made any change.

A repair service might carry a spare mainboard which makes it easier for them to prove whether it is the problem or not, which initially might be a cheaper option for you to consider.

I forgot to ask, has this happened from new or did it suddenly occur? If just occurred then inspect the boards for anything obviously amiss such as stressed components or loose connections etc.

I have found this link which may be of some interest to you. If you have already been here apologies.

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@humanparody you may not be to far off with your suspicion. The E series is full-array local dimming, which allows the LED backlight to dim or brighten different areas (known as zones) of the screen. I wonder if there is a way to calibrate the screen. Take a look on here with these Calibration Results It's for an E65 but the same series.

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