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Got battery replaced, and it won't charge or turn on

I went to get my phone fixed (screen and LCD replacement) and found out that the battery needed to be replaced as well. They changed out the battery but did not charge it at the store. The phone has now been charging for over an hour and it hasn't turned on. The phone is recognizing that the charger is in the port because the cable icon disappears when it is plugged in, the red battery icon has been displayed for over an hour but nothing changes besides that. The repairman noted it may take the batter a little while to turn on because they factory batteries are drained completely before being used but I don't think it should be taking this long, does anyone know if it should be taking this long or has had this happened?

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Sounds like you got a bad battery. Let it charge over night. If it still doesn't turn on tomorrow, take it back, make the guy give you a battery that turns your phone on. I don't know what this "factory batteries being depleted bs is". The only factory batteries he could be getting are from old iPhones

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Like iMedic has mentioned it may be a bad battery or possibly a battery that discharged and entered into a protective sleep mode state. Batteries from the factory should not read 0v or be drained completely. They are usually charged to about 40% when they leave the factory. If a lithium ion battery sits for an extended period of time it may slowly loose it's charge, especially in harsh environments such as too hot or cold. Most lithium ion batteries actual contain a protective circuit that will put the battery in a sleep like state if its voltage drops below a certain voltage. This is to help protect the battery from damage caused by over discharging, overcharging, and other factors that could cause damage to the battery. If a battery reads at 0v and is in this sleep state after buying it, I would recommend trying to return it for a different one. If you can not return it then you can try boost charging the battery. By boost charging you are supplying the battery with a higher voltage for a short period of time to wake the battery from the protective sleep state. Kind of like jump starting a car battery. This can be done by either buying a special charger with the boost function or you can do it manually with the right supplies. Once the battery is awakened you then proceed to charge it with its original charger. I would try exchanging or replacing the battery first and if you can't I would then as a last resort boost the battery. I can further explain how to do it manually if needed, but keep in mind it can be very dangerous if not done properly. Many people are not aware of the protective circuits in these batteries and end up throwing away a perfectly good battery just because it reads at 0v, when in reality they have a healthy battery that likely has just sat too long without use and entered into the protective sleep mode. You may also sometimes just have a damaged battery that needs replaced. Hope this is useful for someone.

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