The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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MacBook Air 2014 A1466 battery not charging


Any feedback appreciated.

Bought a machine that was handled by a caveman, damaged SSD slot and thread bit to hold SSD.

Physical damage to SSD connector, still working.

Damaged I/O connector on mobo - to left side board/ usb/ audio etc...

It is 2014 Air (non retina) 8GB i7 cpu. It is a nice machine... I have inserted an SSD drive, and it booted up fine.

Attaching photos

My question: any idea if there is a track passing under the ssd holding bolt? would that affect battery charging? Or is there a link between the I/O connector and battery charging, as I noticed the maglev port has a separate connection to mobo.

And why is it showing I have a macbook pro? - from system information on El Capitan bootable USB:

It is an Air...


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The I/O port passes PP3V42_G3H between the DC board and the logic board, which deals with charging. If this is unable to pass through due to the damaged I/O port, it will not charge the battery and will show a dim green light on the charger.

Remove an I/O port from a donor board by heating under the port (on the other side of the board). This will allow you to remove it without melting it. You can then solder this onto your board.

Check the huge circle in the picture (to right of I/O port). This is not normal and it looks like someone has scraped the solder mask away. Make sure they haven't grounded this whole area, as I think there are some probe points to other things in this area.

Regarding system info, looks like someone has done something with the firmware possibly, since it is definitely a Macbook Air. This could indicate the Macbook was previously stolen then flashed, so it may be best to just return it to the seller.

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I did run a check on the serial number printed on the back plate of the Air and it shows just fine.

I have downloaded a dmg file for El Capitan, a while back, didn't have a mac. That can explain the funny serial number as the interface looks dodgy, or it is indeed a stolen mac, in which case I will open an ebay case.

I will run some tests. The ebay listing shown an Yosemite build running from USB which displayed the system serial number correctly.

I will install El Capitan on USB external drive, to see what it shows.

Makes no sense to display a serial from a Pro... if it was flashed...

Is there a place on the motherboard with a serial which can identify the board?


could it be the serial number from system information in the OS X el capitan utilities is being read from the SSD drive inside the machine? I did run a test with an SSD, and the SSD comes from a A1502...

I will get to the bottom of it this afternoon.


@servxcess usually there is a sticker on the back of the board with the serial number and CPU speed, unless it has been removed. It is possible the OS is not refreshing the system info panel properly (so it is showing the details from the A1502), but I use an external SSD to test MacBooks and do not have this issue.


It is showing the correct serial number. I did run a check and it matches specs... it is probably fine.

All I can say, after disassembling the board: such a tiny fan for an i7 4th gen...

Will buy a new fan, as this one seems too loud, seems a bit off center or something.

Anyways, I have an i7 4th gen I use daily, they are a bit loud... but this Air is even louder!


If the fan is loud, the fan might be hitting the metal fan casing. You can bend this out a bit to stop it from hitting this. Let us know how the I/O port replacement goes :)


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Your serial number shows that this is your machine:

Apple MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2.4 13" Late 2013 Specs

Identifiers: Retina Late 2013 13" - ME864LL/A* - MacBookPro11,1 - A1502 - 2678

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got it off ebay... the case serial number is correct... c02m50teflcg so why would it display a Pro Serial no? Unless its the build key image...


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