Screen is not working properly. Bottom half is white when booting up

Hey guys I have a weird situation.. Basically I just bought a galaxy s7 edge 2nd hand and I knew it was broke or needed help. The phones screen when powered completely "on" does not show anything other then the bottom half of the screen is solid white for a split-second. When the phone boots up ALL of the screen lights up with the "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge" Screen but when it says just "Samsung" and makes the start up noise the bottom half goes back to solid white. The screen is in perfect condition and she claimed this happened very randomly while the phone was charging, The back glass is cracked and she had no understanding on how that could have affected it because it cracked over a month before the phone did this and its the tiniest crack in the world (My s7 edge i currently use has the same size crack). My problem is I wanted to restore the phone via my computer or even download the phones current firmware onto my computer and reupload it onto the phone and see if it wasnt some kind of hardware bug...but..,without the screen I cant allow access to my there anyway to get into the phone without the screen functioning? Biggest problem is the phone wasn't mine before this so I can't access anything from online. Blah just a whole big mess. I have a feeling it's fixable I'm just kind of stuck at the moment. In a weird way I honestly don't feel like its screen related. It just doesn't make any sense. Another weird thing is i was playing with the phone and the volume was up and the phone was talking to me in a different language and all I could make out was "Battery on 77%" but it was in some kind of accent of a different language that I couldn't make out so I was wondering if somehow the accessibility got all bugged out maybe? Maybe some one has some light for me on here, can't seem to find this exact problem anywhere on the internet. Thank you.

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