Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How far can I upgrade the late-2006 MacBook logic board (T7200)?


I have a late-2006 MacBook with a T7200 logic board. How far can I upgrade it? Can I go, say, for the P7450 one?

Thank you in advance!

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Here's a list of the A1181 machines. These logic boards should be interchangeable.

This is most likely your machine:

Standard RAM: 1 GB Maximum RAM: 4 GB*

Details: 1 GB of RAM is installed as two 512 MB modules, no slots free.

*Apple officially supports 2 GB of RAM, but third-parties have been "unofficially" able to upgrade it to 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM (it can hold 4 GB but cannot fully utilize the memory beyond 3 GB due to the same limitation that impacts the "Late 2006" MacBook Pro line)


Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.4.8 (8N1108) Maximum MacOS: X 10.7.5*

Due to the Bus speed of 1.5 GHz I would not go to an SSD but rather go to a SSHD hybrid drive that is backward compatible like this one or a 500 GB SSHD:

1 TB SSD Hybrid 2.5" Hard Drive

1 TB SSD Hybrid 2.5" Hard Drive Image


1 TB SSD Hybrid 2.5" Hard Drive


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One thing I like about Apple: interchangeable motherboards. That SSHD is a bit expensive though, considering you can get a WD 1TB Blue 2.5" Solid State Hybrid Drive from B&H with free shipping.


Thank you. I have a concern, if these logic boards are really interchangeable, as in an another reply there is a statement, that only the Late 2007 logic board will fit.


akimovmike I can't really respond to another reply that I haven't read and don't have a link to.


Oh, I'm sorry. Here is the link to the answer:

How far can I upgrade the late-2006 MacBook logic board (T7200)?

And here are two logic boards in question:

MacBook Core 2 Duo 2 GHz (non-Energy Star) Logic Board

MacBook (Mid 2009) 2.13 GHz Logic Board

Do they really have an incompatible screw layout (I have the Macbook with the first one).


Compare the layout of the chips and the screw standoff near the RAM slots. Clearly incompatible!


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You should be able to max out the RAM, to the 4GB, however you'll only see 3GB or so. You can also replace the existing hard drive with an SSD, this would make things much faster.

The CPU itself is soldered to the logic board, as it is on the all MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, so you will need to change the logic board with a faster CPU to upgrade it. You can change it to a newer model, but not newer than Late 2007 logic board. Later MacBooks had a bit different screw layout, so you would also need to change the bottom case with a newer one.

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