Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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No sound and display stops responding, phone becomes unresponsive.

Okay everyone. I had a customer bring a iPhone 6 Plus to me and the display had minor damage to the top right hand corner. He had complained about the digitizer becoming unresponsive at random times so I just went ahead and replaced the entire display assembly. After replacing the assembly I went ahead and started testing the phone to make sure everything was working properly and this is where I began to notice a bigger issue than just the "digitizer" becoming unresponsive.

The first issue now is when using the phone it will lock up, the display becomes unresponsive and after a few seconds it will start working again.

Secondly, there is no audio coming out of the bottom speaker or headset speaker. I cannot make calls using the phone application, when I go to dial out it will freeze and stop responding. After this I installed Facebook messenger and logged in using my account to try and do a internet phone call and no audio came through on both the loud speaker or the headset.

Third of all, when I attempt to play a video or any sort of media through the browser the video / media fails to load. After discovering all of this I restored the phone to the latest version of iOS 10 and figured that would fix it. Still no avail after doing this. At this point I'm not sure where else to turn and I could not find anything else on the internet that was similar to this issue. Any advice??????

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So for the iPhone 6 plus if touch works intermittently or not at all (common sign is if you see any grey bars coming down from the top) it's related to a touch controller ic failure. Basically if you google iPhone 6 plus touch disease it will explain more on the issue. Replacing this phone with 1 million screens won't fix the issue. Its ic chip related on the back side of the board and needs replacing.

As for audio issues most likely a poor or damaged connection. The dock connector doubles as the audio jack and makes contact/connection with the loud speaker. If, for example, the dock connector isn't connected all the way or pins on the dock connector or the physical board connector are damaged you could have problems with one or both of these. I would double check pins on both the board connector look good as well as the dock connector (charging port) look good as well. Make sure the charging port flex cable isn't bent as this is common on newer iPhones. I would try bending it as flat as you can, a small dab of isopropyl alcohol never hurts as it cleans oils and other derbies in the connector itself, and make sure you hear a sound click when connecting both.

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Are you sure it is an IC chip related on the backside of the board? I thought it was located right under the screen connectors under the metal plate where the black sponge is especially.

Anyway I've seen touch IC chip symptoms even without the grey bar showing up. Had one yesterday, had to tell customer touch IC chip is at fault, because upon testing on another screen touch screen barely worked properly and I have tested the screens before. Well you can sometimes root out touch IC grey bar by slightly flexing the housing a bit (I mean very slightly).


Ben the chip is located on the back of the board, close to the top under the black protective tape.


Ive seen people fold a piece of electrical tape over and pull the black tape up exposing the touch IC chip and they will place the electrical tape on top of the chip which leaves a bulge. Once the phone is put back together and closed, the electrical tape puts pressure on the chip and allows it to connect. You can search the process on youtube.


I wonder how long it will last if the touch IC chip was reflowed and using the fold piece of electrical tape method instead of replacing the chip.


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Searched all the symptoms of touch IC and I am now 99% sure that this is going to be touch IC related. Thanks for your help!

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