Why is my haier mini refrigerator compressor short cycling

At start up compressor runs for 10-15 seconds then clicks off for 1-2 min then starts up again it's pulling 4 amps at start up and it's rates for 6.5 amps at start up so I'm not locked up or over amping , possible refrigerant leak? Used r 600a refrigerant

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After a few short cycles does it start to run fine?


No it just continues to short cycle I've let it cycle like this for five times then I unplug don't want to damage compressor by it cycling this way for too long


I don't think this is resolved.


Maybe @ladytech has a better answer than us amateurs ;-)


The problem is either the run windings are open or shorted, or the centrifugal switch is open/shorted. Either fix is to replace the compressor. The costs to repair are not economical. You can buy a new mini fridge for under $150.


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