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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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My iPhone4 front glass broken. Is it possible to replace only glass

My iphone4 fell down from my hand one week after I bought it. The front glass was completely broken, but since iam using the glass scratch protection sticker I am able to use all the functions in the phone, even the touch screen doesn't have any problem. Please let me know is it possible to replace only the front glass (without LCD). I have checked with a service center and he said the glass and LCD panel comes together and it costs almost 30% of the phone cost. Also please let me know is it safe to use the phone with broken glass

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I found some dude who sells both white and black iphone 4 replacement parts, as well as black to white and white to black conversion kits.

I've bought both a white conversion kit and a spare white screen assembly, and i can only say good things about that trade.

If you are looking for iPhone 4 Replacement parts, he's a great resource :)

Here is his ebay account: http://shop.ebay.com/dareeude/m.html

- Hope you find what your looking for!

by Nielsen

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this isn't my area of expertise but i believe you could buy just the glass. the trouble is how do you adhere it to digitiser? the glass front panel is sold with the digitiser for a reason, don't be fooled by a cheap option of just the glass. you can buy it here ...

there is no real problem continuing to use the phone in the short term, but fixing the broken glass will stop the digitiser/ lcd etc being damaged. it really depends on extent of break.

try house and contents insurance policy to see if it covers this...

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not sure what the down vote is for- you can buy the glass, the digitiser and the lcd separately. I am advising you not to do this.

if someone can detail how you would swap the parts without breaking any other part of display that would be helpful.

by pollytintop

Thank you very much for the advice.


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i own my own iphone repair store and to answer your question its YES..BUT...

yes you can replace the just the glass, BUT its no point really, unlike the 3g and 3gs where just replacing the glass will do.' on the iphone 4 the glass and the LCD are actually glues together to form one peice. and is nearly impossible to seperate the two.

so please dont buy jsut the front glass panel. you will need to buy the whole front assembly in order to do your repair. the best place to buy is from Amazon. they offer multiple prices and you can see which one ships closer. dont buy one too cheap, you get what you pay for.

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Here is my kindly suggestion, please check!

If there are have some problem with your digitizer or lcd, you'd better to change both of them.Because for the iphone 4 digitizer and LCD are very difficult to seperate. If you can not good at it, please do not try in case damage your phone.

Besides, if you like to change the digitizer, you'd better choose the digitzer with metal frame.Because it difficult to install.


Hope it can help you!

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Yes it is possible to replace glass only on iphone. It requires an lcd separator machine. I found some useful lcd separator machine reviews at www.lcdseparatormachines.com. They also have some tutorials on how to do the repair.

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That's a bad promo man.. If you're gonna use THIS to Rep your product at least make it sound enticing.

by Daniel Rondeau

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Hi you can buy new screens for iphone 4 for about £20 ish but you would need to installl yourself.

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