Mac got water on it

My roommate spilled water on it charging adapters goes green but screen won't turn on it is in a thing of rice. What would you suggest doing?

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Does the laptop have any kind of accidental warranty?


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Remove the bottom cover, disassemble the logic board and clean with 95%+ isopropyl. Leave to dry, reassemble and try to boot it. If it is a newer model, try to boot it with only the DC jack and fan connected, it will auto boot when the charger is plugged in.

If anything on the board looks burnt at this point, it will need logic board repairs. If you do not have experience microsoldering, I would recommend taking it somewhere if this is does not resolve the issue.

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The rice really does no good. Old wives tale. Here's how to deal with water damage:

Electronics Water Damage


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take it out of the rice immediately, using antistatic precautions, take out the logic board. Get a fine bristled toothbrush and scrub scrub scrub. Make sure there is no corrosion left. Replace the water sensors so you know if it ever gets wet again (optional, but don't do this if it's under warranty or insurance)

get the board checked by a professional, and have an ultrasonic cleaning done. Then have BGA Xrays done to make sure the bga chips aren't corroded underneath.

Then put it back together, replacing any adhesive you took off with the correct type, usually 300lse.

ta-da! it should work.

Or just ship the thing to Louis Lossmann, as he's a very good microsoldering specialist. Google him.

p.s. send the laptop to him with a sticky note apologizing for putting it in rice. That was a stupid thing to do on your part. But it wasn't your fault.

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