Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Backlights flicker, made sizzling sound


I just repaired a 6 with water damage. Not a lot of corrosion, actually very few. Cleaned it and gave a new battery, fired right up and works, but, stuck in boot loop. While trying to put it into restore mode, it for some reason worked and booted to the lock screen. Touch wouldn't work, also it had a passcode, so I was going to put it into restore again. While a was about to unplug the battery, I heard a sizzle noise from the CPU and backlights area. The backlight still works fine and it is no longer flickering. Is this something I should be worried about? Or should I just let it dry more? (I didn't let it dry for long when I cleaned it with distilled water and isopropyl.)

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For me, there is nothing good about hearing sizzling.

IPA (90%) has a boiling point of 82C while water is 100C. If you are hearing sizzling, that means something is at least 82C. That is not normal for a working logic board. While I've never probed it, a well working logic board is warm to the touch, perhaps "hot" in one area but never burning hot. I've plugged in boards that were drenched in IPA (I use 99% though) and never heard any sizzling. The only time I see that is if I put IPA on an area where I've just performed micro-soldering (so probably around 200C).

For perspective, consider that you could be burned by 70C coffee. So for IPA to sizzle, something is clearly wrong.

While there may be nothing wrong with your board, I would be concerned about there possibly being leftover water, perhaps under shields, that wasn't properly displaced. That could be causing a near short , causing excess heat and therefore sizzling. Whenever you see corrosion on or near caps that are on the VCC_MAIN line, that is exactly what is happening.

So, yeah, I would be worried about it.

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Thanks, I actually just gave up on that board and used as a donor. Fixing a 5s now :)


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Sizzling is actually a good lets you know the board is heating properly.

In reality though don't worry about it as long as you cleaned it properly and installed a new battery. If you feel the phone getting hot (not warm but hot) during use I would stop using it and look for any possible shorted caps.

Water damage is tricky also. Phone could work great for months or go out in a few days so I would definitely back your information up as quickly as possible as well.

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