Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Unresponsive after new metal backplate

I have a iPhone that I bought off eBay and I have been repairing. It needed a digitizer/lcd so I got that and hooked it up and everything worked great, I charged it to 100% and I did not seal it shut because I had to order a foreword facing camera...and a new backplate to hook up my home button...

The backplate came today and I hooked it the device is completely unresponsive...iTunes won't even recognize it. I've checked all connections and do not see any obvious tears Ect. Please help


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Have you attempted to reinstall the faulty plate? Even if just for testing and going down the checklist of potential problems-purposes, it's where I would at least start.

If you do so and the phone is still unresponsive, as I've advised in other situations. Replacing the battery is an inexpensive and easy way to eliminate one potential problem beyond a shadow of a doubt. During repair, iPhone batteries can be fickle and easily damaged. Spend $8 and get a new battery, stick it in, and you may have solved the problem, if not, you'll have narrowed down the potential culprits.

If you do that and it doesn't work, get back to us and we'll go from there. Unless someone far smarter and more experienced than I has better advice, which is entirely plausible.

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Thanks for your quick response. The phone did not come the faulty back plate. I guess I could order a new battery...however I have a similar issue with an iPad...even without the battery plugged into my computer will still find the iPad...could this be the same with the phone?


Hmmm....could be lots of things and in my experience iPad's are far more persnickety than is the iPhone.

I'd not necessarily relate the two occurences.

Now the faulty back plate....this could wade into "Error 53," territory....I think. It's been corrected, but error 53 occurred when the ribbon was replaced that connected the home button to the phone, which is stuck to the outside of the plate under the grey adhesive. It has been fixed with updates to the IOS, but no telling when this device was last updated. I think it's IOS 9.2 or 9.3 that would run into Error 53. You might google it for more information and see if that seems like a chance for the culprit. If it is, you should be able to get help, I think the Genius's will even help, despite a third party repair, because Apple got so much flack for bricking phones.


do you think I could still have error 53even if iTunes Can't find my iPhone or tell me it's 53?


Alrighty folks..Ive purchased a brand new battery and installed it...still no response. Not even to the computer..any suggestions?


I don't want to leave you hanging, and I'll try to help you figure this out...give me a few and I'll get back to you. It had been a couple weeks, so just wanted to reply to let you know I saw this and I'll see what we can figure out ;).


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