Dim Green Magsafe Caused by Pressure to Logic Board

I have a very unusual issue. I recently bought a new palmrest and trackpad for my MacBook Pro. I believe it was a 2011 palmrest and my computer is a mid 2010 model. So I transferred everything to the new palmrest and booted up. Everything seemed great until I had to charge the MacBook Pro. It wouldn't charge. Dim green light for the magsafe. I tried all the usual solutions. I was able to boot up with the SMC reset, but the battery wasn't getting recognized. Next I thought I would look at the magsafe connector to the logic board. I tried plugging in the magsafe to just the logic board and it worked. The issue was when I put it all back. Same issue. I opened it again, but this time I left the magsafe plugged in so I could see what made it change. I found that whenever there was light pressure to certain parts of the logic board (especially close to the magsafe connector) it would stop charging. Currently it is working, but if I lean on the palmrest too much it stops charging and goes back to a dim green magsafe. Any help would be great.

Thank you!

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Strange issue. Does the board definitely fit in ok? I have seen one before where someone had swapped the palmrest with a different year, and the board was slightly bending since it was not sitting flat on the left side (by dvd drive, where the black mid plate goes across the keyboard backlight). Does it do the same thing if you put pressure on it when not inside the MacBook palmrest?

Check the magsafe connector (on the board) to see if that is slightly loose. Is the magsafe port definitely secured into the casing (if it isn't, it may be moving slightly, losing connection with the charger)?

Let me know how this goes. Sounds like the board may be bending slightly or something is shorting when pressed.

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Thank you for your input, Reece! I moved over the mid plate from the old palmrest. When the logic board is out it doesn't have the issue. Yes, it also has the issue if I put on pressure with the bottom cover put back on.

I have opened it earlier disconnected and reconnected the magsafe connector. This was when I discovered the pressure caused it to stop working. It also seems that if the logic board is set too close to the magsafe side it will also cause the issue.

I will try to open it up and see if there is anything that doesn't quite fit.

Thanks again!


So I took a look and it seems like a column which should line up with a screw is on the logic board. If you look here: https://postimg.org/image/anspq13tv you can see there right column nearer to the magsafe. Here is another close up: https://postimg.org/image/u31sik9tx/


It could be the MagSafe port itself, since wires are soldered on the MagSafe board (for the cable). Try moving the MagSafe board cable when it is out of the MacBook, see if the same issue happens. Bit of a strange issue, would like to find out what's causing it!


It also seems to be happening when I put a little pressure near the ram or the logic board screw by the fan.


I tried taking out the logic board and the magsafe connector seems fine when I move it around.


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