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Random Crashes, no boot, now no sign after trying all suggestions

I need help, I have no sign on my MBP. I live in the countryside in Portugal and no where near an Apple store, so I've been trying to read and learn as much as possible. I did take it to a computer repair shop in the nearby town, but they didn't want to risk a diagnosis because they were dealing with a Mac. They said it could be the battery or the logic board.

Let me be as specific as possible about the problem I'm facing .

I bought it from a friend around May this year (2016) . He only used it in his office and it was all working fine (a dent near the megsafe worried me, but in the shop they told me there is no damage). I don't think he used many "heavy" programs with it. He had installed recently the "new" OS "El Capitain".

The MBP came to me working and no signs of crashings. I bought it to work specifically with iVideo and AutoCad, so I installed the programs... The HD has 250GB I think, but only 4GB of RAM ... Not sure if it has anything to do with that, but as I was using iVideo, the computer randomly chashed... the battery was holding at least 3h, and at that time it was about 30%... there was no overheating, so I had no idea... from that time on, it crashed randomly a few more times and then it was mostly while booting... it wouldn't boot completely without crashing and I had to insist to get it going... I started to always be plugged in and that seemed to be better than with only the battery, even if it was fully charged... I even got a used battery just to check if the battery was the problem, but it was the same... Then I started to think if it had anything to do with the fact that I don't use 240v to charge, but a solar system with a cigarette lighter (like in a car) with a 18.5v 85w car charger ... I tried to find one of those from Apple, and they don't do it, so that made me think if they don't do it, because it's not recommendable :-( ...

So, that's the story. When I eventually make it start, it works fine ( I keep it plugged in), I shut it down normally, then next day, there's no sign... I open the back, unplug the battery, plugged back in, and there is sign... but I have to insist several crashes until I get it going :-(

I have reset several times SMC and PRAM. I would like to try to test the RAM, but I can't find a free program, and when I press power + D, or power+option+D , there is no hardware test...

Once, like now, after unplugging the battery, there was still no sign, and I tried another thing I read...Unplugging the battery, unplugging megsafe, hold power for 10sec, while holding power I insert the megsafe and count 10sec, then I released and count 10sec. when I turned it on normally, there was sign again.

Now I tried the same, but it didn't work... DID I KILL MY MBP ? :-(

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It might help us to know your exact machine as there are known issues on different models. Please go here and put in the serial number from the back of your machine and let us know what you have.


I have a Macbook pro 17" A1297, mid 2009, from Portugal... I thought I identified it at the start... thanks for being willing to help Mayer


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Is it showing any artefacts on the screen when trying to boot (lines, pink pixels, etc)? If so, would indicate a GPU issue (not worth replacing this, since they are not manufactured new).

If it is now dead, it could be an issue with C7771 (may have different name for 17"? Reading from a 15" schematic) if the charging light is still working fine. This tantalum capacitor is a common failure on the older 15" and 17", and usually the MacBook will be very intermittent before it fails. This would require logic board work or replacement at this point however, since it is soldered to the logic board.

I would recommend finding somewhere who can professionally diagnose this if you are not comfortable disassembling the logic board and soldering on a new capacitor. If you were happy to try this, and have the tools, feel free to ask me any questions etc.

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Thank you again for your help.I will go to Ireland for Christmas and I will try to get an apple more this anything related to car charger on solar system? What caused it. And no thre are no artifacts on booting. It shows loading,and sudden switches off. Now - can't even get it to give any sign of life :-(


Car charger could cause this, I am not sure without looking at this. It will most likely be a logic board fault, Apple will charge a lot to replace it, so it may be worth taking it to a 3rd party who can repair it. Try a new hard drive as well, in care it is just that


Thank you so much Reece... I will have 3rd party professionals looking at it. And maybe trying a new HD first.


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