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Is it possible to resoldering keyboard blacklight connector?

Is it possible to resoldering keyboard blacklight connector?

Hi everyone,

I just recently bought a macbook with a broken blacklight keyboard connector. And i thinking to let some one soldering this thing so i can get my keyboard blacklight on, and be able to use the sleep sensor on this machine. I was just wondering if there are somebody has previously did it or fix it could give me some of the experience? Would it be able to desolder the broken one and solder the new one back in? Is there any risk that i should consider( sorry i'm new to soldering stuff)

Any help would be appreciated.

Block Image

This is the image of the broken connector

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First to de-solder the old connector, you will either need a hot air station, or you can get away with using a heat gun. If you go the heat gun method, remove the board from the laptop, cover surrounding components with kapton tape, and heat the connector until the solder/the connect melts and so you can remove it with tweezers.

Then, you will need to clean the pads, and solder on a new one with flux, and a fine-tipped soldering iron. You can order new connectors off of sites like Aliexpress. It's a hard job though!

Also, the sleep sensor doesn't have to do with that connector. The small connector beside the battery connector connects to the sleep sensor which on the cable that runs goes to the LED battery indicator.

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Thank you Sam for your answer. Can you explains more to me for the part on how to clean the pad and flux after soldering new connector? Would i just leave it dry? And for the soldering part , do i need to cool the connector down somehow after melted the iron? And, if somehow i did mess up the process, besides this connector do I somehow run the risk to damage the motherboard? Sorry for too much questions asking.


By the way, thanks for advice me to changed the battery connector indicator as my last thread. It really solved the sleep sensor problems.


You can get solder (or desoldering) wick, which basically sucks up any molten solder on a pad. You cannot use a solder sucker for this application though, as the SMD components are just too small. Just use flux whenever you are soldering or desoldering, it helps the solder flow to where you want it to. You can clean the flux off later with some isopropanol. I can't teach you how to solder in a comment though, so I would recommend checking out Louis Rossmann on Youtube. He has hundreds of great videos of component level macbook motherboard repair.


Thanks Sam for the informations , i guess i would just let the shop does it since i feel like the cost of buying those soldering tools would exceed the amount needed to fix this tiny connectors. If you can, it would be appreciation if you give me some advice on what to precaution when lets other does this kind of jobs on this motherboard?

Thank you so much. Have a nice day Sam.


I guess look for a shop that offers "no-fix, no-fee", and you shouldn't be charged more than ~$200 for the job. Motherboard repair is quite specialized to unfortunately it does cost a decent amount.


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