Lightning port/headphone jack replacement

I replaced my headphone/lightning port with the ifixit replacement part and now my cellular signal is horrible. I am on Verizon with towers close by but am having trouble making calls. I have reset the phone multiple times and even reset network settings and nothing seems to help. I also rechecked the antenna connection in the phone and it seems to be seated properly. Any ideas on how to fix my connection problem?

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Have you tried another port? I get this sometimes and it's usually a bad port.


I actually had another one in and it wouldn't get good signal either so I thought I would pay the extra money and order the ifixit part but it's the same. Bad thing is that the original one was still working except the headphone jack(battery caught fire during removal) and melted a few things so I changed it and put in a replacement one and threw the original one away.


Ok, have you tried changing the aerial connectors at the top of the phone?

iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable or iPhone 6 Top Left Antenna


From what I've read that is for wifi which is working fine with my phone. It's only the cell signal that is messing up. At times I can get LTE signal and turn on my hotspot and share with no problems(can't use LTE for calls though due to the business account) but when I try to place a call the phone won't connect to the Verizon service


ah ok, I'm with you now. what does the frame look like, is there any damage? also is there the little linkage at the top right of the board thats got a little smd on it? it's shown here on steps 33-34 iPhone 6 Logic Board Replacement


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