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Water Damaged iPhone SE Shields Removed Error 6 in Itunes

Hi all.

I've been given an Iphone SE that has been dropped in the toilet. The phone was dead when it was given to me with no signs of life when plugging it in to a pc, I changed the battery and was able to switch it on, the original screen still works with no backlight problems but as far as It'll go to booting is the apple logo. I've tried dfu, itunes detetcs and tries to update but then comes to a halt with error 6.

I've taken the logic board out and removed the shields where I can now see quite a bad burn mark. I was wondering if any of the more experienced would take a look at the pics of it and tell me if it's worth spending time on for educational purpose only, there's no data needs recovering.

Thanks a lot for any replies

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi there thanks for your response. I haven't got an ultrasonic bath but will give the board a clean with IPA and then take it from there. Hopefully I can continue to learn from this board.


Hi @dawnie

If you are interested in developing your skills further and need some better repair aids here is a preview of an article in an Australian electronics magazine that describes how to build your own ultrasonic cleaner. You would have to pay to get a copy of the magazine to see the entire article ,plus circuit description , parts, kits etc.



Hey @jayeff, thanks for the link to the article! I wish I had this many years ago when I couldn't afford one. For those who don't want to build their own, the other option is to look for one on the secondary market. I looked at Kijiji, which is quite prevalent here but certainly Craiglist and other buy & swap sites would work as well. In the end , I found mine by calling the Branson rep directly. They happened to have a refurb on hand and sold it to me at a great deal, with warranty!


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There are actually 6 or 7 zones of corrosion that I can see on your pictures. If you want to be able to do anything at all with this phone, you need to clean that first. Seeing as how you managed to remove the shields cleanly, you obviously have the required skills to do the following:

  1. If you don't have an ultrasonic bath, use >90% IPA and a small brush, ESD is better but if not a soft toothbrush.
  2. Apply IPA and brush lightly in the areas of corrosion. Rinse with IPA and repeat until everything is clean.
  3. Dry your board completely. You can put it in the oven at ~180 - 200F for 20 minutes. I lay the board on some culinary parchment paper so that there is no metal to metal contact.
  4. Visually inspect the board with a magnifying glass or 10X loupe.
  5. At this point, you could try the board to see if anything has improved. Probably not though.
  6. Ideally, you need to start checking power rails for shorts. For this you would need a multimeter and the schematic, however I am not certain if there is an SE version out in the wild yet. I have one that came with ZXW but that is a pro-level tool (and sorry, no, I can't share it!).

At this point, you either continue to do this to learn (and hopefully have fun), find a qualified shop that can do this type of work or try and bring it to Apple for an OOWR.

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I've cleaned the board and powered it up where it says connect to itunes. Connected to itunes where it gets to nearly the end of the update and restore then errors out at error 6.

I've had a good look over the board and component C4710_RF is missing with one of the pads burnt away, the ground pad is still intact. Also C3220_RF looked to have some scorching and is testing as short.

Is it worth continuing with this? I could get the iron in to change C3220_RF but there's a crater where the pad's burnt away on C4710_RF.


C3220_RF is connected to VBATT. Remove C3220_RF to see if that rail is still shorted otherwise you will have check all of the components on that rail until you find the bad one(s).

C4710_RF is on PP_VCC_BATT. You need to check that rail as well.

Those are filtering caps and they may not be necessary for the phone to function. Then again, if the IC's receive noisy rails, they may not function properly at all, especially the high frequency ones. You have to try to see what works.

You could always try to anchor the caps to ground (on the pad) and run a jumper from the other end to where ever it connects. You will need really small gauge wire. I use 42 AWG.

However, you need to determine if those rails are still shorted and if so, what is causing the short. Sometimes it's just the corrosion and a proper cleanup suffices. Other times, it is one component that goes bad and it's not always the one we suspect. It could also be a chip that is shorted.


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