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Intermittently shuts down & won't charge battery.

I have a brand new battery and it won't charge while plugged into the power supply. Green light barely visible. System runs off charged battery and off power supply. After running for a while it shuts down yet it doesn't get hot. Does it sound like a bad logic board, and is that something that can be fixed? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Mayer, thanks for taking your time to help me out. My assumption is that the power supply is original to the system but I'm not completely certain of that nor am I certain it's functioning properly. I did purchase on 2 separate occasions mag-safe boards. Both were used but the seller said they were in good working order. Prior to installing I cleaned the contacts and did make sure they all extended properly. I'm going to take the AC adapter to Apple today and see if they can tell me it is functioning correctly. I'd love to think that is the only problem here. Thanks again for your help, I'll keep you posted.


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Download and run Coconut battery to find out its status. Are you using the AC adapter that originally came with the computer? This sounds like you are not getting sufficient power to the machine. It's the AC adapter, the mag-safe port or the battery connector. Take a tooth pick and push the male leads located in the AC adapter tip to see if they are extending completely. Examine the Mag-Safe port for corrosion and/or blockage. Also remove the battery and look at the battery terminals for corrosion or damage.

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The A1151 (which is what I believe you have) uses a 85 watt power adapter. It's larger than the standard adapter and you should be able to tell just from the size.


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I'm a little unclear on the details of the problem, but does the system work 100% fine with the old battery (hopefully you have it around to test)? If so, the new battery is the problem. I'd definitely try a different battery before proceeding.

When you remove the battery, is the AC adapter light bright green, and does it power the machine? If so, I wouldn't really suspect the AC. I've never seen an AC that worked fine, yet was responsible for a battery not charging. It's worth trying another, but it's not likely the problem.

Does the "green light barely visible" situation only occur when a battery is connected? I'd suspect your DC-in...either that or the internal battery connector, and if neither of those, then the logic board itself. Sellers often state that their DC-in boards are tested and working, but realistically they are difficult to test, and most sellers don't bother and just cross their fingers.

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+ certainly worth considering and I agree about sellers not testing.


Yes, the system works with the old battery as long as I'm plugged into the power adapter. The system also runs off the new battery but with no way to charge that battery I'd rather not completely discharge the new one.

The AC light is never bright green. In fact you need to be in a dark room to see that it is lit at all, whether the battery is in it or not when plugged in. Went to Apple the other day and they used one of their power adapters and same thing.

I purchased two DC in/out boards online ... used, but the guy selling said them said they were in working condition. The first one didn't work them I exchanged it for a different one, no better. My assumption is its the logic board but I'd love to think it's a DC in/out board.


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