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Can using a heatgun on your logic board cause problems?

So my iphone had the greyed out wifi issue and after trying everything from resetting wifi networks to hairdryer/freezer nothing worked so i watched a youtube video of a guy who removed his logic board and simply heated up the wifi chip with a heat gun for 90 seconds and his wifi worked.

Long story short i tired his method and now my phone wont even turn on. I know I reassembled it all correctly because ive done it a few times before without issues.

I wrapped the whole logic board in tin foil (only exposing the wifi chip) and approx focused the heat on the chip for no longer then a minute.

Does anyone know of a few ideas of things that couldve went wrong with logic board? Is my phone toast now or is there anything i can try to bring it back to life?

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After all that disappointment of thinking my phone was completely damaged it wasnt. When I tried fixing it with the heat gun I had about 20% battery left so when I put it back together and tried to turn it on right away and it wouldnt power on, I assumed that it was broken but something must have happened where it drained the battery because after I put it on the charger today it booted up like normal.

I'm not saying anyone should try this method because I'm sure it could have went wrong and it didn't even fix the Wi-Fi issue so I'm still stuck with an iPhone without Wi-Fi but hey at least it works besides that!

If you do try it then just make sure you take the proper precautions not to damage your motherboard because in some cases the little bit if heat does fix the Wi-Fi issue but in my case I feel that my Wi-Fi IC is just completely dead.


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This technique is called Reflow. You must know what you are trying to do, first of all you can't use an hairdryer or an hotgun, because hairdryer does not spread properly and does not have the C°/F° required for doing a reflow, you can cause several damage on the nearby components. No hotguns because those guns are way too much hotter and as @Josh W said there is no way to know how much really the hotgun temperature is running (you could use it but not in a newbie hands). You need an SMD rework station for doing this job around 280/310 C° (536/590 F°) and a bit of practice. I suggest you to bring your iphone at your local repair shop and the best you can do is to explain every single movement that you did. Sorry for my bad english.

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I wouldn't have even known that you didn't speak English lol

I posted a question prior to doing this and I never got any replies I wish I would have waited it out


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It all really depends on how hot the heat gun was. But lets say that it was hot enough to melt the solder on the wifi chip. Holding heat on the board for 90 seconds would allow the heat to spread to countless chips, filters and fuses. Putting the foil on it would only help the heat spread.

There is no way to know what else you cooked without examining your phone under a microscope. Can you link to that video so that I can blast the person who made it? Applying heat for 90 seconds without measuring temp or knowing what parts are heating up is just stupid. Those of us that use hot air to do these kinds of repairs use tips that are measured in millimeters. The heat is applied to only very specific parts and is done in a way that prevents other components from being harmed.

If you can post that video, I would really appreciate it.

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I spent about 40 mins searching for the video but I watched so many different ones that linked to other ones that I cant find it. I wasn't signed into youtube so i have no history on there. The video I was looking for did not give a temp to heat it, he just said he did it for 90 secs

The link of the video where the tin foil came into play I did find and pasted below. Although after re watching it I noticed that he used two silcon mats and tin foil, plus he gave heat temp. I watched so many things that when I went to try it I didnt focus on the details. I just remember reading online people saying "dont use a heat gun it can damage other components on your logic board...." so my train if thought was, " tin foil is heat resistant Ill use that to protect the board" I bet if I didnt use the tin foil my phones wifi issue wouldve been fixed and/or atleast still turn on. Ive come to the conclusion that Its my fault.


Now I cant even sell the phone for parts because everything thats worth something in it is pretty much destroyed right?


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