Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Water damage repair attemped, no results

Hi, I have an iPhone 5 which belonged to my aunt. She gave it to me for free because around 2 years ago she kept it in a backpack with an open water bottle, and it got wet. I took it apart, and took the motherboard out. I saw some corrosion on the camera connector and the display connectors, so i put in 99% isopropyl alchohol for about 2 hours, and i saw no corrosion left. Today i put a new battery and screen on it and reassembled everything, but it didnt turn on. I opened it again and felt heat coming from the emi shield above the sim slot, under the display ports. Could there be corrosion under the emi shields, and if so how do i remove them, and how long do i put the motherboard back in the alcohol? Or is the motherboard possibly dead?

Thanks for your time in reading this and helping

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Edward, there could be corrosion under the emi shields and probably is. Try cleaning the phone/board again, 99% isopropyl alcohol alone will not clean the corrosion, you will have to scrub with a toothbrush, small paint brush, or other soft brush and clean the logic board of any corrosion/deposits caused by liquid. Avoid damaging or accidentally knocking off components on logic board. Check connectors and ends of ribbon cables to clean of corrosion on contact surfaces, careful not to damage. Check the attached links,instruction and guides to see how it is done. Good luck.

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I removed the emi shield with a hairdryer on 250 degrees, for i dont have a heat gun. I see corrosion on the first thing under the camera plug. would it work if i clean it? also i accidentally bent 3 pins on the connector at the bottom of the phone, which connects the speakers and lightning port to the motherboard. I bent them back, none fell out. Would they still function?


One capacitor, a very little one, has just fallen off where it was getting hot, right next to the connector for the power button and volume buttons. Could this be the reason it was getting hot? im not sure if i can put it back on, this may be a lost cause


Edward, Give yourself a pat on the back, proceed with caution cleaning corrosion as you go, small capacitor will have to be put back in place, corrosion on the board could have been causing shorts on board causing excess heat.

Nothing is a lost cause, you are attempting what few do, trial and error are one of the best teachers and tends to stay in the human memory. Good luck.


I have removed the corrosion with a little brush and alcohol. to get the capacitor on would i need to solder it? i dont have a soldering iron or anything for it, but i have friends that do and may be able to help.


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