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Lenovo IdeaPad, Yoga Series. Released October 2013, 13.3 inch screen, 8 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU, 512 GB SSD.

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connector clogged - replace wifi antenna

hi community!

After I have echanged the wifi card, the antenna cables would not attach to the card. The connectors are clogged somehow.

how do I replace the wifi antenna on a yoga 2 pro? Where do I get one?

I would appreciate a few hints.


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Here is a link to the service manual for your Ideapad.

On p.37 it shows how to remove the cable from the card (as you already know).

It is interesting that the WLAN antenna cables are not listed in the parts inventory in the manual.

Are the antenna connectors on the new WLAN card (is it the same model card?) the same as on the old card?

If the antenna cable connectors are solid (filled) and the old card antenna connectors are hollow then the cables are the male and the card is the female. If this the case, are the antenna connectors on the new card, female or male?

If they are male then you may have to improvise the connection by making new antenna cables with the appropriate connectors yourself. You will have to trace where they go to. Make sure that the new cables, if you make them, are exactly the same length as the old to ensure that are 'tuned' to the correct frequency. Alternatively you could just solder the connections, (be quick, use a hot iron so that you spend the minimum amount of time applying the heat to melt the solder).

Update (09/28/2016)


So the new WLAN card connector has an inner pin, separated from an outer sleeve, is this correct? So it is expecting a two wire (or wire and shield) connection.

If the new WLAN card is a different make and model to the old card, have you verified that the new WLAN card is compatible with your laptop. Just because it slots in OK doesn't mean that it will work, regardless of the antenna connection..

What type of connector does the old WLAN card have? If it has no pin in the middle and only an outer sleeve connection then it is expecting only a 1 wire connection, which will be shielded in a different manner.

As a test try just temporarily connecting the pin of the card connector to the cable connector and see if it works. Do not let it touch the outer sleeve connection of the connector on the card.

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Ok, thanks

I think the card has male connectors and antenna cable looks like female but inside it is filled with some black plastic material (maybe left over from previous card). That's why I cannot connect them!

I think I will try the soldering. I did not know if this was possible with my equipment as I thought each antenna cable has two wires inside.

So in this case, i can just remove the connector and solder the cable directly to the card? Right?

Does it make a difference if I solder it to the inner pin or to the "outside of the connector" on the board?

What temperature would you use to solder that?


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I had the same problem with my dell gaming laptop, as i was repairing the bass speaker.. I was following a repair guide and the guy didn't have to take out the Wlan card, in which he did and i followed suit, and the connector came out with along the two connection slots that was supposed to be on the surface of the Wlan card. Ordered a used card, same model, then had the idea of using a small sharp scissors since i saw the conne tors inside and around it (the metal) so i had the idea to pry out from the middle to the edge inside the first connector circle, i applied some force on the edge and then force it upwards... Then the first circular object came out for the first one. So the theory was true, the connecror scooped up those two nodes. I connected the repaired one.. And attemoted to do the excact same tactic on the second one, and the second node popped out. So i reconnected the second connector and voila, both black and white wires worked once i booted up the PC. That's your answer. Just make sure the end of the edge that you are using is sharp enough to grap the inside edges inside the inner cicumference of the the connector to pop it out.

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