TV turns on but no picture/sound

I have a LG 60pz950 Plasma 5 years old was working fine then one day turned on the tv and you see the tv is on but no picture and also if you select tv source etc nothing shows on the tv screen you would usually see the tv menu. I ended up buying a new TV. Do you think its worth getting this repaired? I spent 2k on this new tv. The LG was $1500. I have been checking these groups to see if I can repair it myself. What part would cause this and can I repair it myself? Thanks

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The mainboard replacement corrected the issue. There is a thin material that I guess prevents the heat which sits over the chip then a huge heatsink. I am not sure what more that is so thin I can put to prevent this from dying on me this time around.


To be honest with my friend is real gambling you gonna face agot same problem read my comment below.


Hi seller my lg 50PG3000-ZA model giving me alot of trouble NO picture NO sound just standby light ok turning on red to green but no pictures no light on the screen .

Bought another Power supply tested all voltages okay have changed the 2 Buffer-boards and the Y-board still not working.

Onto the logic board is standby green light (not blinking) but with the remote control is turning off/on have just changed the Air-sustain board and logic board now STILL not working

Now with this explanation what do you think is gonno be the problem? Will great to hear from you soon as you can thanks

Now i bought the Main-board still not working what next should I do? All voltage test okay but still not working.

In addition question can the logic board be blinking when buffer board are disconnected? Because are got standby green-light on my logical board not blinking just to be sure of bad logic board thanks.


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Hi @xxnonamexx ,

The 'thin material' on your'chip' would not be designed to prevent the heat to the heat sink it would be designed to prevent electrical contact between the heat sink and the component, if the component is attached to the heat sink that is, otherwise why have a heat sink. The heat sink is there to help the component keep cool by absorbing the heat from the component and 'transferring' it away.

Not sure what type of 'chip' that you are referring to but if the material on yours was designed to electrically insulate, (not thermally insulate) the component from the heat sink then you should look up 'mica insulator kits' for the particular type of component.

Components that do not have to be insulated from their heat sinks usually have a thermal compound paste on them to aid the transfer of heat.

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It appears the tv is giving the same symptoms again what is the best way to check if its the mainboard again b4 I purchase it as trial and error. I checked the fuses are good. Thanks


Hi @xxnonamexx ,

Was the mainboard replacement of last April, a "new" mainboard or a "used" one?

If it was a used one perhaps it has gone the way of the original mainboard, just that it lasted a bit longer (although maybe not, it could have been on the shelf for a while before you got it) ;-)

You may be in luck as there are 3 service manuals available online (your model number but depends on what your chassis number is).

Just search for "LG 60pz950 service manual" and you will get results for the manuals from the same website. If yours is one of those just go to the website and download it. I had a look at one, (didn't know if it was the right one but would be close enough)and it had flow charts of what to look for which may be of some help


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