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Can "Charging, Please Wait..." be an indicator of a bad logical board

I own the original/6th Gen A1238 iPod classic with black metal top (just for the sake of description even that photo is included). At some point out the blue started displaying this message and after unsuccessful attempts to recharge it either by keeping it connected to my laptops or wall power charger I decided to obtain a replacement batter kit from iFix it.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I didn't get a chance to go about replacement for few months since I have other iPod's and similar devices for music, videos and photos, but when I got to it, it was an easy replacement experience, regardless of the fact that it took me some time to open up this sucker.

Even after replacing the battery, and attempting various suggested troubleshooting steps, I am still stuck on the "Charing, Please Wait..." screen with drained battery graphic and exclamation yellow triangle. Am starting to suspect logical board, but I don't want to flat out purchase replacement, end up being short around $100 and still be stuck with the same issue after I replace that part as well. I am not expert in this area and thus am posting this with hope someone might have been dealign with same or similar issue or simply has the experience in iPod repair.

On a nutshell (for those lazy to read the whole story)

1. "Original"/6th Gen

2. Stuck in "Charing, Pelase Wait..."

3. Battery successfully replaced with iFixit part

4. Still stuck in "Charing, Please Wait..." mode

5. Attempted various tshooting steps, no love

6. Is it possible this is logic board issue vs battery ?

7. Any other ideas how to overcome this problem ?

Thank you

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@sipankh are you charging the new battery via wall charger as well? Any difference? You ensured that the battery cable is fully (and straight) inserted (common issue)? Did you check the battery connector? On this model there is a tendency for it to break of the logic board. Have you cleaned the dock connector with some isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs of compressed air? Yes it is possible that you have gotten a dud battery as well. Before repalcing anything I'd check on those things and repalce the battery once more.


All things you are listing are in good order and yes I tried wall charger, as well using laptop and desktop (all Apple machines). The same charger charges another, same model iPod, without any problems so its for sure not the charger and the connector on the iPod is undamaged as well (how I know that, well if it wasn't then the message wouldn't display at all since when cable is disconnected there is no supply of any power thus message can't show up). Yes, its possible that it is bad battery, but I doubt (will try to test it with multi-miter at some point). Thanks.


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Hi after you have replaced the battery hard reset it ......If it doesn't do anything and not detected by your computer then Logical board might have failed.

To reset your iPod with a click wheel, follow these steps:

Slide the Hold switch to the locked position and then slide it to unlocked again.

Press and hold the Menu and Center (or Select) buttons together until you see the Apple logo (about six to eight seconds). You might need to repeat this step.

Hope it will work ..

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Yup, aware of this process as well. I should have had mentioned that I attempted this. When I tried this process I never got the Apple logo, rather it flickered, went dark or went dark and back to "Charging, Please Wait..." displaying. So far based on your input and some other things I read around various web based pages I am closer and closer to believing I am dealing with logical board issue. Thnx.


If you didn't see the apple logo that means the hard reset was not done properly.In all apple devices when hard resetting the seconds are important repeat it again until you see the logo.


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