Unable to bypass enrollment, can anyone find a new method?

bypass enterprise enrollment chromebook on the samsumg 303c

Link above solves question on other chromebooks, but this new one is unable to do the same, I started by removing the sticker and read/write screw, but it still won't work. Can anyone find a new method?

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Hello friend,

Follow these steps to unlock your chromebook:

-----------------------------------Getting Into Developer Mode-----------------------------------

-Create a recovery usb with this image: https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chromeos...

-Get access to the motherboard of the Lenovo n22 & Remove the Read Write Screw located on the bottom left of the motherboard (to the left of the keyboard ribbon)

-Go into recovery mode by pressing ESC+REF+PWR and insert the recovery usb which was created earlier

-Wait until the recovery process is complete: NOTE-- At the end it should give you an error of sorts, this is GOOD (if it doesn't, check that the R/W screw is out and that the recovery usb is functioning correctly)

-On the finished recovery screen hardware refresh the laptop by pressing REF+PWR (& take out the usb)

-Let it boot. This may take a while but it should lead you to the recovery screen again. (it definitely should not boot normally)

-Reinsert the R/W screw into the motherboard

-Insert the recovery usb once again and go through the recovery process: NOTE: this time it should install without errors (if it indeed has errors again, make sure that your R/W screw is properly in place)

-Once intalled, from the recovery success screen press ESC+REF+PWR and quickly take out the usb while it's rebooting

-At the recovery screen, press CTR+D, disable OS Verification, press CTR+D and voila -- you it should enter developer mode!!! Hooray!!

-------------------------------Removing Required Enrollment------------------------------------

-After it boots into developer mode, press CTR+ALT+F2 (the -> key), this should open a terminal *NOTE: do not connect to wifi and continue the gui setup process; it will re-enable forced enrollment

-Remove the R/W screw from the motherboard

-In the terminal type "chronos"

-Then "sudo su"

-Then "vpd -l"

-This will list a bunch of information. You might see something called "serial_number" and "mlb_serial_number" depending on the chromebook. What you want to do is change all entries that remotely remind you of a serial number (in the case of the N22, it would only be "serial_number" and "mlb_serial_number"

-To change an entry do the following:

'vpd -s "[entry]"="0"'

-Specifically for the N22:

vpd -s "mlb_serial_number"="0"

vpd -s "serial_number"="0"

-After that type "dump_vpd_log --force"

-Then verify that the serial numbers have changed by typing "vpd -l" again

-Then reboot the chromebook by pressing REF+POW

-Once rebooted, you may get a weird error saying that "this profile doesn't have permissions" or something like that. If that happens do a powerwash by pressing CTR+ALT+SHIFT+R

-Then you should be good to go, you have successfully bypassed Required Enrollment *Note: Do not update chromeos, go to verified mode, or do anything else of that sort or the required enrollment will come back!


Hope this helps

Thank you,

Travis Jayday


Updated the guide

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thanks, my friend and I have also decided to use a recovery usb stick to attempt this method and he told me to insert the R/W screw in, this is very similar and I think I can get further. I hope we can get more in depth though so please I would like more updates


Did you get to developer mode yet? And have you checked out my edit yet? Once you're in dev mode, follow the steps of the other question (which you have linked in your questions) to change the serial number but also change "mld_serial_number" to fourteen 0's


I've updated the guide, see if it works for you.


Alright, I'll be trying it out soon, definitely going to test in 2 days.

A few questions, when you say "type" you also mean enter right after?

and at 'vpd -s "[entry]"="0"'

-Specifically for the N22:

vpd -s "mlb_serial_number"="0"

vpd -s "serial_number"="0"

will 'vpd -s "[entry]"="0"' be typed then enter and the following:

vpd -s "mlb_serial_number"="0"

vpd -s "serial_number"="0"

will show up and I will type and enter those or something else? A little unclear on that part but maybe I should test it out first.

and as for that winrar file for recovery, just download it into my recovery usb and stick it into that chromebook right?


I just did everything you said and it worked without problems! 1 question, should I reinsert the r/w screw?

Edit: I got a few questions from friends so I thought I might as well input some answers.

1: When you download https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chromeos...

save it onto your computer, extract a bin file, then use chrome recovery app and in settings, click use local image and make that bin file your recovery for your usb stick.

2: After recovery shows error, take out usb, then you only need to hold refresh+power for a bit, it will take a long time to boot up so be sure to reinsert R/W screw tightly.

3: When recovery successfully completes, take out USB stick first, quickly hold esc+refresh+power and let go after you sight screen light up

4: During the typing part, you must remember to have R/W screw out or nothing will work, I forgot to do that once and saw no changes remove that after developer mode works normally.

5: Everything you type, at the end of the line press enter, some of them I didn't know had spaces so be sure to highlight the lines up top to see if you need any spaces.

Then that's mostly what I found hard to solve, I followed it all and only got about no problems.


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