My phone is losing battery power excessively


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My iphone 4 has been consuming battery life at an accelerate rate lately. I have checked my settings and tuned off wifi, bluetooth and timeout cycles in order to extend my battery life with no help. Can you explain what problem i have or can you help

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I has a similar problem happen to my iPhone 4 also. On 3 or 4 separate occasions, my phone went through it's battery in a matter of a 4 or 5 hours even after a full charge. After the battery had depleted I charged it again and it was fine. It hasn't happened to me in the last 2 months or so and I was never able to find out what caused it. During each occurrence, I power cycled the phone to try and kill any process running in the background which did nothing. I also checked my push settings which were fine. I can't imagine the wireless or bluetooth being on had anything to do with it because or the rate at which it was depleting. I never tried a restore during those times but I'm guessing it might be a software issue.

Scott Head,

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this could be just a bad battery. But my iphone 3g had an issue where my battery would die in about 1 hour in sleep mode. It ended up as a short lived problem where the software wasn't letting it charge very much(of course my phone was jailbroken). you may want to try restoring the phone see if that helps. but if it is still under a year old i believe apple supports the battery under warranty in the first year.

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Could you provide a link to this problem?


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