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MacBook keeps shutting down

I have a MacBook Pro 15" 2011, I have a couple of problems with it:

When I connect the MagSafe power adapters cable I have to hold the power button while I connect it for around 5 seconds then it turns on and if I just connect it and press the power button once or if I leave and leave the MagSafe on the computer it doesn't turn on.

If I turned it on, but when it does turn on it turns on once with a black screen then it will turn off then turn on a couple seconds later and the Apple logo will pop up and the bar will start too load and about halfway it shuts off then turn back on and go through the same problem overtime I've tried every reset even with the battery off and the MagSafe connected so I'm not sure if its the battery or motherboard or what.

Please help thank you

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Can you install this gem of a free App: coconutBattery. Take a screenshot of the main screen and paste it here for us to see.


Ok so it stays on without the hardrive but with the question mark folder but with the hardrive it turns halfway into the loading bar and the battery lifecindicator on the side don't turn on at all what could be the problem?


Thanks for all the answers really needed the help in thinking of taking to geek squad make sure that's its the battery and buy it but also got one last question even when I disconnect the battery and turn it on without it and just plugged in to the charger it still shuts off halfway threw loading you still think it could be the battery?


Boy it sounds like you have the trifecta!

That points to a logic board issue as well here. Be sure to get an estimate of the costs, you might find getting a new system cheaper than trying to get everything fixed.


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Take it in to an SP and have it tested for the issue and see if Apple will replace your logic board for free:

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@Isabel M - It sounds like you're facing two issues here:

  • The first is you have a bad drive which is why the loading of the OS never completes
  • The second is your battery is not charging or is bad.

We need to fix the drive issue first. Do you have access to a second Mac system which you could connect your drive to using this adapter: Startech 2.5" SATA to USB adapter or something similar? If you do you could try to reformat your drive and install a fresh copy of the OS onto it.

If not you'll need to get a new drive and install it. Hopefully you have the newer firmware on your system so you can do internet recovery. Once you have installed the new drive and connected your system to the internet (WiFi or Ethernet {best}) the system will go through the process of installing in memory a copy of the OS which will allow you to run Disk Utilities to format your new drive and then install a full version of the OS. I must warn you it could take quite awhile to do. So make sure you have your system somewhere undisturbed and powered while it does its thing.

The last option here is to find a friend who can prep up a bootable USB thumb drive (16 GB) with the OS installer on their Mac and then give you the drive to then boot up your system to prep your new drive from. This will be the fastest way to get things done.

OK, lets say you've replaced the drive and now the system is booting up with the MagSafe adapter plugged in but won't work off of battery. Now you'll need to install CoconutBattery so we can see whats happening. Paste a screen capture of the main screen so we can see it here. - Good Luck!

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Well the other day I got access to another MacBook and connected my hard drive onto it and got access to Disk Utility and installed OS-X I forget which version.

It worked fine on that MacBook and after i installed it back into mine, it wants to do the same but shuts off halfway of loading.

Then just last night I tried Safe boot on my computer, it got to the point of putting my password but the keyboard wouldn't type except one letter (I forget which one it was), it then shuts off before I could finish typing it in.

I've tried safe booting multiple times now and it does but doesn't get to that point anymore.


Well, thats hopeful! So the drive is good then we're back to the battery issues.

One of the problems with LiOn batteries is they can swell when overcharged. Within the system there is very little room for the battery to expand into so it presses on the weakest point, in this case it's the keyboard! Which explains why you couldn't type the password in.

So you do need a new battery here. But, you may have a second problem as often when I see a swollen battery it often implies the MagSafe adapter is not a real Apple unit or the cord is damaged.

Make sure you don't have a bad MagSafe unit here as you don't want to kill your battery or damage your system.

You'll need to pull the battery out of the system to release the pressure. Follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011 Battery Replacement.

Maybe its best you visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Center to get this fixed it will be cheaper.


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I have to say, that is a really weird problem,

given the information the first thing that comes to my mind is the logic board.

however check the battery indicator lights on the left side, if they don't light up, its a battery problem.

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