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FIXED: My Toshiba laptop powers up, but the screen is black.

My laptop powers up, but the screen is black.

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It works for me but it won't stay for long powered on... It blacks out again :/

Any suggestions??

by nemesis

MY SON'S SUGGESTION...IT WORKED FOR ME!....Try taking out the battery and putting it back in. Then press shift, F8, and the power button at the same time

by winifred gray

Thank you so much!!! I'm going to pass this on to everyone I know. I don't know what caused it to do this in the first place. I'm just happy it worked and I didn't spend hours taking it apart and fixing it

by phynadi

The battery thing did not work for me.

by rk

Taking the battery out/f8/shift/power worked for me today! Thank you!!!!!!!

by kjohnsonwes

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Hook up an external monitor to determine if you have a motherboard or LCD problem. If the external monitor works, the trouble is with the display or its cables. You should also confirm that your memory is properly installed, and you may want to replace your BIOS battery. I have included a link to disassembly instructions for your unit. Good luck.

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+ good

by mayer

It worked thank u

by joeandelidagarcia

it worked yepi yepi :) :) :)

by sisanda voko

IT WORKED FOR ME TOO! (pressing shift, F8, and the power button at the same time). But WHY did it happen in the first place????!

by Di

what if sir dont work to external monitor?

by jerick jay

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The "black screen of death" is usually very easy to repair on a laptop. First, turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. Next, unplug the computer and remove the battery. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds. Release the button and plug in the computer. Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery. If this does not work, try it again up to four times. Getting no results usually indicates a bad motherboard. I hope this helps.

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Wow, worked like a charm! I can get my assignment turned in!!!!

by Jeff

Thank you !!!! Fixed it on the first try :D

by Lindsy Chatterton

I have a Toshiba laptop that was powering up, but the screen would not turn on. this method fixed the problem on the first try!

by Mark Maloy

it worked!.. thank you dude...

by Sachnie Zaballero

Add my thanks to the above!! Took only one time!! Sure is great to get such terrific assistance online!!

by cdlaughlin

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For those of you with a laptop that does not have a removable battery, this might help. Hold down the power button to shut off the computer, but DON'T TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE POWER BUTTON. Hold it there for about 60 seconds more, and then remove your finger. Then, press the power button again to turn the computer on. I did this, and it worked for me :)

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effectively: what other people have said...

by Bob

Thank you so much, it worked for my, Toshiba Satellite L50-A.

by npdang

This worked. Thank you.

by syr

I worked!!!

Thank you sooo much.

by scarletxd58

It dide t work now is just blowibg air

by Geri Ymer

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see comment No beeps, no post just Black Screen

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the one by oldturkey above worked for me! :)

by neil

Did a lot of searching, and by crikey oldturkey's one worked for me too just now. Seems bizarre, almost like voodoo, but this seemed like the easiest solution from all the other ones I found to try.

Note: my wife pulled the battery out and it still didn't work, but I followed those instructions exactly and it's perfect now first time!

by Martin Russell

I thought it might be over for my laptop but I tried what oldturkey03 suggested and it worked on my first attempt. If you still check this post, thanks a bunch oldturkey03.


by uilani bourgeois

oldturkey03's method worked perfect for me. However, the windows seems to have a problem loading up, the system probably fell. Installed a new copy and is working fine now, thank you.

by amr ossama

I did as above old turkey o3, worked first time, I had been working on my daughters toshiba for a few hours went away , came back and blank screen. Even after forcing shut down still nothing. I thought a trip to the computer shop was in order!! But thought I'd google the problem and was directed to here and the rest is history back up and running so so easy thank you old turkey03

by Trina

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Ive seen something similar on a newer model, an L55. I am a computer repair professional. I too am seeking a resolution through Toshiba, but have found a short-term fix.

Support wants the laptop sent in, and customers bring me the laptops in fear that they will lose their data if they send the computer back. Every time this has happened, I have been able to fix it by pulling off the back cover and resetting CMOS with the small black button near the CR2032 CMOS battery. I would like an answer from Toshiba on why this is happening.

Your tip of removing the battery and discharging capacitance by holding down the power button would normally suffice, but this model does not have a removable battery... Stupidest thing ive ever seen.

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Help me ii dont know what is going on with my laptop. it wont start. and i need advice on how to fix it! thx.

by raymond chew

i have a toshiba satellite c55-b5100 and i think i have an inverter problem:

an external monitor works, the backigh comes on most times when i power up but still no information is displayed Also i let a CPU tech connect another montior to the video cord inside the monitor and it worked immediately . i wanna know how can i fix my monitor without having to spend half the price of my New laptop to fix it

by itsgaming

To Jason:

nice work but still those Toshibas ARE unique ( I don't know why), I went ahead and opened the unit (L675D) and the battery is literally soldered with some kind of glue/epoxy onto the electrical contact pins and VERY short, I had to use a razor blade to separate them and I did manage to cut myself, xacto knife was no good; Also this model does NOT have a reset button, or I should say "I didn't find one", It's still with the black screen. I'll post any new development. Seems like quite a few people also like these machines, yet they are flawed and these flaws are akin to a time element; they are great at the beginning then suddenly "KAPOW" you're at the brink of having to buy a new one, literally irreparable.

by miguel C

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I also have this type of problem where power on the screen is blank or black.

What I did was to press Fn (Function key) and F5 at the same time. After pressing it for some times my laptop boot.

It works for me.

Try it and give feedback.


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it helps!! thank you so much!! now all I got to do is make sure this won't happen again!! thank you again!

by merashtwins

Stupid question what is a Function key

by Tiffany Askew

I got my laptop back 3rd time round. 1. was screen 2nd was motherboard 3rd was Harddrive. After putting everything back into Toshiba Laptop everything seemed fine until I switched it off. Later when restarting keyboard lit up but screen black. I tried all the methods above until FN F5 idea and it came to life. 1 thing is for certain...Toshiba Satellite is a dud or I was unlucky to get that 1 oddball that just gives problems. mustve been the laptop that was last job on a Friday knockoff. cheers K49 AMBO.

by Dan Lee

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Shift+F8+power worked after a couple of attempts. Thank you!!!!!!!

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Here's what worked for me. It might work if your case is the same as me: the screen was displaying but very dimly, and I could see the desktop or whatever lighting it with a flashlight. Look closely, and if that's the case, the problem must be your backlight.

I tried the trick with the power buttton but nothing happened, and the oldturkey-joel method involves disassembilng, which I don't dare to do.

Try what I (accidentally) did: connect your laptop to an external monitor, and with its aid activate the laptop's cammera. Only this turned the backlight on again in my Toshiba Satellite L45. I hope it works on your machine as well!

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I had this same problem. After reading many threads and blogs. I learned to unplug my laptop and hold the power button for half a minute. Then take out the battery. Do the same thing. Then plug it all back in and try powering on again. This worked a few times but then it stopped working.

After screwing around with my laptop I began to think that maybe it was just overheating. I lifted my laptop up and blew as hard as I could into the air intake for the fan. Then powered up and it has worked every time.

You're welcome.

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Something funny - my own very very dim screen problem problem turned out to be Toshiba's eco setting which set brightness to 1. I had accidentally pressed a button that switches it on. The display is so dim it looks off, unless you shine a flashlight on it. Connecting to external display and undoing the eco setting solved it.

This was post Windows 10 though, I'm posting it here in case it helps someone.

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how to increase eco setting brightness in toshiba satellite l55-a5226 laptop

?i am also persuing with same problem.

by himanshu chaturvedi

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I have had the same problem on a one week old Toshiba C850 - turning the power of and taking the battery out sorted this.

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As I had bought my Toshiba Laptop last April and it gave me a shock three weeks ago when the screen was blank when I turned it on, I phoned Toshiba and go Technical help from them.

I had to remove the battery and make sure that the laptop was not connected to the mains. I then had to hold the power switch for four seconds, after which I then turned the main power on and pressed the on switch of the laptop. Hey Pesto it worked. If you have a Toshiba laptop try this.

Good Luck

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pressed F1 waited after restart. and said battery problem. F1 continue F2 setup. i just pressed F1. restarted windows and gave me option to make recovery disc's .

tho windows is running smooth. it did confirm windows op was original.may i add it had been off for over

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Method : 1

a. Unplug the power

b. Remove the Battery

c. Press and Hold the Power Button for 1 minute

d. Refix the battery & Power

e. Now Switch on ur laptop it will work

[ If the Above Method is not Worked pl. follow my method 2 ]

Method : 2

a. Go to Google Search

b. Download the youtube how to disassemble ur laptop model

[ Ex:- How to disassemble Hp Pavillion Dv6000 youtube ]

c. Watch the Youtube carefully & Disassembly ur laptop

d. Remove the Processor , Ram , Cmos Battery & Clean the Fan

e. Wait for atleast 12 hrs [ i Fixed after 24 hrs]

f. Now Refix all & reassemble ur Laptop

g. Switch on ur Laptop [ 100% it will work ]

Gud Luck..! After u succeeded Comment me

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Hi have a nice Day..!

it seems 100% RAM . so pl check ur RAM / test with new RAM.

Good Luck ..!

by sebastian nixon

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If after holding down the power button for 30 seconds still didn't work so you have a hardware problem, no worry here is 2 Method explained to solve this hardware solution

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I have a small electronics repair shop out of my home and just yesterday checked in a third Toshiba machine with this same problem: failed GPU. Cause: overheating.

Each owner has said the same thing: over the past few months, every once in a while the screen stayed black during boot-up, but a restart or something similar like removing the battery, letting it sit overnight, or power-cycling made it boot correctly. Eventually nothing would help and they brought their laptops in for repair.

On the first machine I had to troubleshoot for quite a while before determining the issue, including everything mentioned here in this thread, until finally deciding to replace the mobo over re-soldering the GPU (which I incorrectly assumed was my only option). On the second unit I reflowed using a hairdryer, followed by my kitchen oven. Big job. Didn't want to have to do that with this machine, so I'm borrowing a heat gun tomorrow and using this procedure found on YouTube:

(Warning: rated PG due to mild cursing)

This is a known issue with the laptops in this line and while one of the other suggestions might work and solve your specific problem, be on the watch for the graphics to eventually die due to dust and/or heat buildup in the future. It's HIGHLY recommended to use a cooling pad under these systems (some of the Toshiba User Manuals even go so far as to tell you that you NEED to use one rather than just SUGGEST it.) and to periodically tear-down and clean out the inside around the heatsink, fan, etc. You'll find the dustier or dirtier your normal environment, the more often you'll need to do it---at least twice per year is a good start, especially if you own pets that shed.

If you would like a copy of my t-shoot list to rule out all the other possible problems that can cause the black screen of doom, message me and I'll be glad to share it. Otherwise, assume your machine needs the gpu reflowed and don't trash it!

The hard disk, OS, screen, etc. are all still fine and in working order (unless you've inadvertently pressed the appropriate keys and don't something to the bios or something weird like that.)

IMO, Toshibas are good machines. I still have my original with Windows 95 on it! I own several models and have found, with the proper maintenance, that they'll last well past 10 years. (Believe it or not, I've found that Dells and Acers are the next best performers among abusive users. LOL.) Every manufacturer has weaknesses: none are perfect. Don't expect to not have issues with electronics because you'll always end up disappointed. Heat, dust and mishandling are the three biggest killers.

Good luck - I hope this helps some of you.


~Psalm 103~

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I have been told that you should shut the screen or else it won't work... IS THAT CORRECT... HELLLPPPPPPP.... my laptop sits down after every 5 mins when I'm not playing so how am I supposed to leave it on? Plz help I'm desperate

by Chloe Stone

Thanks for information For more info click on

by IT HelpE IT Consultancy

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In the past, I have first checked the contrast (I knew that it was nt the power because it powered on). That didn't work! So I tried removing the battery for about 5 mins put it back in....Still didn't work! After that I decided to connect the black screen laptop to my desktop monitor and VIOLA'! It worked. In the end it turned out to be my laptop's backlight. Thankful to be a IT student, entry level in my career so far & I was capable to fix/replace the backlight myself.

Now I have a laptop screen (Unfortunately mines again) thats cracked & I need to replace the screen. My BFF is also having a Blackscreen issue. I helped her troubleshoot a few times via phone & nothing was working. She does not have another monitor to test it on so my next step, I told her that I will be over w/ my monitor or laptop & cable & try that.

Hope that this helps! :-)

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didn't realise you had to take battery out and leave it out to begin with, but persevered and it worked many thanks, was about to throw it across the room

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My laptop is a black screen but it I clicked power button, everything turns on but the screen is black. So I thought maybe it's the battery and I got a new one, I changed the battery to a new one but it still won't work. The power turns on but the screen is black still.

Help please !

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Workaround Found

My Samsung notebook screen was remaining black after startup. It was hit or miss at first. Out of 5 or 6 starts the screen might light up one time. Then it got so it never would light up at start. I didn't find a fix but I found a workaround. After startup I close the lid to make the notebook sleep. Then I open the lid and tap the power button and the screen comes to life.

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